Teresa Giudice VS. The Rest Of The RHONJ Cast!

Teresa Giudice’s ongoing tension with Caroline Manzo came to its boiling point on Sunday’s episode, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates have not spoken in one year. And Caroline Manzo says she could not be happier.

“The only thing positive about it [the last episode] was I finally said what I needed to say and I’m done. And that was a year ago,” Manzo told Celebuzz while discussing her feud with Giudice. “And I have not seen or spoken to Teresa since the reunion last year with the exception of the Bravo commercial – I was in the same room with her. My last words to Teresa Giudice were at the reunion last year. And can I tell you, it’s been a wonderful year.”

Don’t expect any fences to be mended between the two either! “There could be forgiveness if it’s asked,” Manzo told Celebuzz. “I’m big enough to say that I was rude and obnoxious and very hard on Teresa, which I was. But, that’s the level she brought me to. But, you still haven’t apologized for what you’ve done to any of us, not just me, to any of us. And until there’s a real legitimate apology, I’m not interested.”

According to the Huffington Post, Teresa isn’t speaking to any of her housewives cast mates, including her brother and sister-in-law Joe and Melissa Gorga, and cousins Kathy & Richie Wakile. Despite all the attempts that have been made to patch things up. “I’m not speaking to any of them,” Giudice told Stacey Grenrock Woods of the Daily Beast. “I wish Caroline could actually say what I did to her, ‘cause I’ve done nothing to her. If I didn’t like her, I would’ve never put her in my book. It’s so funny to me how people are so calculated. I never say anything about any of them and all they do is speak about me. It’s like, really?” And Teresa added, “You know, we live in a crazy world, I have to say, Hopefully, God’ll just, you know, look after me, and hopefully protect me from these evil people.”

Teresa continues to thank her fans on twitter saying, “Thanks for watching the show everyone. Thanks again for the support.”

What is your take on the drama? Is Teresa in the wrong? Caroline? The rest of the cast?

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  1. I can’t wait. I wanna laugh at Broke Betty ( theresa) and Peon Patty ( jacuneliqe). I like Danielle. These women have pack mentality and motto seems to be get down or lay down and Danielle isn’t laying down. Glad she pressed charges on the lil bad kid(Bitter Broad in training). Peon Patty(Jacqueline) has no control over her kid. Her PUNISHMENT’ for flunking HS was a new SUV. Yeah that REALLY taught her some morals. AND to put your foot down you let her move in with her boyfriend(basically) you chicks get what you give and Danielle is giving as good as she’s getting. the Difference????Danielle is STANDING UP AND STANDING ALONE WHILE DOING IT. Caroline Pitiful Polly) didn’t get her way so she SHE resorts to calling names. THAT S WHAT YOU GET??? You been talking ish about Danielle for 3 years and you think your just going to sit her down and TELL HER what YOU wanted???? If i was Danielle i would have laughed dead in your face. LOUD CACKLING LAUGH to draw attention

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