Teresa Giudice Vacations In Hamptons With Dina Manzo


With the coverage of the indictment being a main topic in the media, Teresa GIudice headed to the Hamptons with Dina Manzo. Teresa also brought along three of her daughters and Dina brought her daughter, Lexi. “Hamptons visit with my girls @dinamanzo and @pamcolacino #greatfriends,” Teresa tweeted, sharing the photo above.

In the conditions of her bond, Teresa is not allowed to leave the New Jersey or New York areas.

Gia Giudice was MIA on the trip in the Hamptons.


Photo Credit: Instagram


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  1. Take Theresa out of the show. She is worst than the “Jersey Shore” reality show. She has demonstrated that she is classless and bringing nothing positive to the show. If she is in so much financial problems, then let her continue to sell her cookbooks. This should bring her enough revenue to off set her tax evasion issue now in court. She gives any housewife a bad name.

  2. Tut tut anonymous. You at it again? I’m gonna bust your balls you pussy every time I come across your whinging woefully inapt comments x

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