Teresa Giudice Truly Scared Following Indictment


As I’m sure you know by now, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, have been charged with 39 counts of financial fraud. The couple surrendered themselves Tuesday morning and were released on a $500,000 bond each. The U.S. Attorney is confident the Giudices will be convicted, and they are facing up to 50 years in prison.

A source close to Joe and Teresa tells RealityTea that while Teresa is putting on a brave face, she is a mess behind closed doors. “Teresa and Joe are a nervous wreck,” the source reveals. “Joe’s parents went to court with him and Teresa today. Things are bad.”

“Teresa, for the first time, is truly scared. Joe is holding up the best he can,” the insider continues, adding that Teresa’s parents are supportive despite the circumstances. “Teresa has endless support from her parents and in-laws. Teresa’s parents are taking the news very hard as well. Joe Giduice is a son to them, even more so than their own son.”

Speaking of Joe Gorga, the source reveals he has not contacted Teresa since the news broke. “Teresa has not heard from her brother nor her sister in law regarding their latest legal matters,” the source reveals. “Teresa knows there is no heartfelt sympathy there so, she isn’t surprised.”

“Teresa and her brother do not speak. Ever since Melissa’s first blog, things have been strained again,” the source reveals. “Teresa doesn’t understand why after they made up, Melissa would blog and be so nasty.”

UPDATE: Joe Gorga HAS reached out to Teresa!

Photo Credit: Getty Images