Teresa Giudice Truly Scared Following Indictment


As I’m sure you know by now, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, have been charged with 39 counts of financial fraud. The couple surrendered themselves Tuesday morning and were released on a $500,000 bond each. The U.S. Attorney is confident the Giudices will be convicted, and they are facing up to 50 years in prison.

A source close to Joe and Teresa tells RealityTea that while Teresa is putting on a brave face, she is a mess behind closed doors. “Teresa and Joe are a nervous wreck,” the source reveals. “Joe’s parents went to court with him and Teresa today. Things are bad.”

“Teresa, for the first time, is truly scared. Joe is holding up the best he can,” the insider continues, adding that Teresa’s parents are supportive despite the circumstances. “Teresa has endless support from her parents and in-laws. Teresa’s parents are taking the news very hard as well. Joe Giduice is a son to them, even more so than their own son.”

Speaking of Joe Gorga, the source reveals he has not contacted Teresa since the news broke. “Teresa has not heard from her brother nor her sister in law regarding their latest legal matters,” the source reveals. “Teresa knows there is no heartfelt sympathy there so, she isn’t surprised.”

“Teresa and her brother do not speak. Ever since Melissa’s first blog, things have been strained again,” the source reveals. “Teresa doesn’t understand why after they made up, Melissa would blog and be so nasty.”

UPDATE: Joe Gorga HAS reached out to Teresa!

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Truly Scared Following Indictment”

  1. Melissa was “so nasty”? How about with facinga HIGE problem that should distract them from every small slight somebody has to gratuitously say “Joe Giudice is like a son to {Teresa’s parents], even more so than their own son” ?

  2. You can’t go through life lying and scheming without it eventually catching up to you. THIS is the true colors of the Giudice’s. I’m sure they’ll say they did nothing wrong and blame someone or something else, as usual. And I’m sure there will be the usual fools who follow along and believe them. But this time it doesn’t matter. Facts are facts.

    Some people make mistakes, learn, become better people, and don’t make those mistakes again. But for the Giudice’s, mistakes are a way of life that never changes. Trouble follows that woman in the same pattern. Lie and manipulate, then blame and play the victim. There’s never any accountability, remorse, or genuine caring for anyone but herself. Her character and moral compass are completely skewed. Even IF she didn’t know or understand what Joe was doing (which I don’t believe but I’m sure that’s the excuse she’ll cling to), this is karma come to call on a way of life. From business to relationships, this is who she is.

    They live as if the rules don’t apply to them, although they’re the first to point and accuse, usually through lies and schemes. The Giudice’s do what they want, take what they want, and if held accountable come out swinging with lies and blame. But you don’t mess with the federal government. This is a big deal. This time, the rules will apply to them, and no amount of manipulation will change that. This is even being covered on major news networks..it was part of Bill O’Reilly’s talking points last night and other anchors have covered it as well. NOT because they’re reality TV stars, but because of what they’ve done. It would be covered if they were nobodies. It’s that bad. And there’s no way out.

    It’s nice to see the truth triumph.

    1. I couldn’t of said that any better, Cuz. The truth shall set these people free (yeah, not really, no one phucks with the Fed’s and gets away with it, all the lies will come forward sooner or later).

      If it means the cancellation of the show because of Teresa’s and Joe’s charges, then let the cards land where they may. The show had already taken a drastic down spiral seasons ago, all the fighting amongst each other got real old, real fast. If they (Guidices) would have been honest abiding citizens, because of Teresa’s success selling her products, she would have made sooooooooooo much more money, but in an honest manner, they would have lived a fabulous lifestyle. Oh well, such as life (for them).

    2. How do you have any idea what the truth is? There hasn’t even been a trial, where evidence is presented yet! I cannot stand people who think they know facts when all they know is gossip…. and we all know how reliable gossip is. If every person who was audited, or accused by the federal government was convicted, there would be a lot more people in jail. I for one, plan on waiting till the facts are in, and the courts have decided… I’m no fan of the Lauritas either, but likewaise, they are charged with even more serious crimes, and I’m still waiting for the verdict before I comment on their innocence or guilt!

      1. Gossip is what T says. Facts are the public records and documents that have been reported as such..facts. And they’re being reported by trustworthy news stations, not just blogs and reality TV websites. The facts aren’t in dispute, so I’m not even sure where you’re coming from. They didn’t pay taxes for like six years, they made up W2 forms, phony jobs, phony income. They paid in cash, as shown when the show aired. And that’s just a few of the 39 counts that are public record.

        If every person who was audited was convicted there would be more people in jail? Huh? That makes no sense, lol. If you’re audited and they find out you didn’t even attempt to pay taxes, and lied and cheated the federal govt. and American people in 39 different ways, then yes, you will go to jail.

        It’s sad that anyone could read the facts..yes, facts, and say they’re waiting to decide if they’re innocent. Really? Sure, there’s no formal verdict yet. But why would you defend the things they’ve done? What they’ve done isn’t in dispute. They’re not innocent no matter how you look at it. Maybe you haven’t read the charges, I don’t know. But it’s not a matter of he said she said. What they’ve done is wrong wrong dirty wrong and I can’t understand anyone trying to defend that in any way.

  3. I know Teresa is strong, but it’s nice in a way to hear that she is actually scared and isn’t putting on the “we’re fine” act. They should be scared because this is serious and should be taken seriously.

  4. Now it makes more sense that Teresa is sticking with her ape of a husband, in spite of the insults and cheating allegations. If Joe takes the fall and claim all the blame for the criminal offenses in the indictment,
    Teresa might get off scot free and avoid jail time. Might be the club he holds over her head. I’ve always wondered why she put up with him. I do wonder if Joe loves her enough to do that though.

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