Teresa Giudice Trilled About Caroline Manzo’s RHONJ Exit, Kathy Wakile’s Demotion


Teresa Giudice made peace with her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars at the season 5 reunion, but according to a report by RadarOnline, she is gloating that Kathy Wakile has been demoted and Caroline Manzo isn’t returning. “Teresa can’t stand Kathy,” a source tells Radar. “Let’s face it: When Kathy said, ‘You’re father’s a coward and you’re mother’s a liar,’ you don’t forgive that. You don’t walk away from that. She could care less about Kathy.”

And the insider insists Teresa is happy Kathy got demoted. “Kathy came on behind her back [and] says s*** about her parents,” the source explains. “Why would she want her around?” Adding, “Kathy was the troublemaker. She’s demoted.”

And apparently, nobody is going to miss Caroline Manzo either. “Everybody’s happy Caroline’s gone,” the insider says. “She was a bully. Caroline was the biggest b***h to [walk] the face of the earth. Everybody was afraid of her, so if she turned against you, then everybody would turn. If Caroline turned against you last year, those girls were too afraid to go against Caroline. So now that Caroline’s off, she’s not going to rule anymore.”

And as far as the three new Housewives, Teresa is happy the show is being re-vamped. “She’s happy that there’s new people on because she doesn’t want to fight with her family,” the source says. “She goes, ‘I’ll fight with strangers all day long. I’m not fighting with my family.’”

It is still unknown if Kim D will return. Bravo producers have yet to reach out to her. “Kim has a three-year deal, but I don’t know if they are going to pick it up,” the source says. “If the producers go to Kim and they say, “What’s your story line?’ then we know she’s on. They do have to release Kim if she’s not on, so Kim’s status is yet to be seen.’”

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10 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Trilled About Caroline Manzo’s RHONJ Exit, Kathy Wakile’s Demotion”

  1. Teresa is a narcissist that can never be happy for anyone other than herself. We have all watched he lier way through 5 seasons and now the Feds are going to prove that she is also a thief. Let her gloat all she wants because in the end everyone is going to have the last little giggle when she is in prison.

  2. Why is it that the Vickie Gunvalsons and the Teresa Guidices of this world get their way in the Bravo world.??? These two women are mean, mean, MEAN!

  3. I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again I am so happy Caroline Manzo has left the show I am so sick of seeing her and Albert finance their childrens businesses and act like their children are doing everything on their own they’re not its called self made and the Manzo family has no idea what that means. the only interesting part of Kathy wakilie was her sister Rosie otherwise her story line was making me yawn and so boring. and Jacqueline Laurita being fired was the best decision Bravo ever made can we please find new blood in New Jersey somewhere to represent Real Housewives of New Jersey otherwise I see the show being cancelled in the next year.

  4. Teresa can go scratch all the way to prison while Caroline laughs all the way to the bank…I for one can’t wait for that criminal bitch and her gross husband to get what they deserve!!! Only problem is that Joe will probably take the brunt of the punishment while slimey T gets away with it.

  5. Although I am a Teresa fan I 100% understand why some viewers can’t stand her however, what I don’t understand is how some of you seem so thrilled at the prospect of Teresa and Joe going to jail. I’m not naïve and I believe they’re guilty but if that’s the case I strongly believe only one of them should go away (preferably and most likely juicy) because her children did not make the mistakes she and Joe did and shouldn’t have to pay for it by being raised without either parent. I definitely think if they’re found guilty Tre should get probation or house arrest but wishing for both to go to jail when they have 4 children is just awful to me.

    1. Giuliana this is not about being mean and vindictive at least not on my account. I only want to see justice. This is a FEDERAL issue which means that you and I and everyone else are going to PAY for their fraudulent ways. That tacky mansion and the ugly furniture and whatever else they have they no longer have to pay for due to the bankruptcy. That all goes away for them then the rest of us pay their bills. It is just so wrong in so many ways

  6. Teresa is an idiot. The only reason that Bravo wants Teresa back on the show is that they are PRAYING that there will be coverage about their legal issues. No one really wants anymore of the Giudice family we have had enough of that. EVERYONE wants to see Teresa and Juicy in the slammer. Its only a few days away that Juicy is going to have to face the judge. He may be in jail sooner than we think. Bravo is drooling over the possibility of one or both of them (Tre and Juicy) in JAIL. If she was smart she would take her family and hide so they can spare their children from all of the hell this is going to cause. Great parenting Tre….. great job

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