Teresa Giudice Told Jacqueline Laurita: “Please Leave Me and My Family Alone”


This season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a rollercoaster ride for Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita and after their trip to Vermont, it definitely seems like there is no hope for their friendship.

So what does Teresa think about the future of their relationship? “When you really hurt someone, I think it’s hard to go back. It’s like a marriage. Like, when your husband cheats on you, it’s hard to go — some women forgive, and I guess I did kind of forgive her because I did accept her back into my life when I came home, but then she hurt me again and again,” Teresa told E! News. “And you know what? I’m in a good place right now, and I just don’t want that around me. I don’t want any negative people around me. I just want positive people that are happy, people that are happy for me, not people that want to hurt me.”

Teresa said she doesn’t want anything to do with Jacqueline moving forward. “I wish her the best. I wish her all good things in her life,” she said. “That’s what I just told her, I said, ‘Just please leave me and my family alone.'”

So what can viewers expect from the upcoming RHONJ season 7 reunion? “It’s definitely a reunion you don’t want to miss,” Teresa teased.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Who cares, they have been done for a long time and it should stay that way. I really am not interested in seeing Jac’s cry over how much she “loves” Theresa anymore. To quote Elsa..”LET IT GO”. lol.

Thanks now I can’t get that song out of my head! Xoxoxoxo
Oh and I agree of course!

Anytime Suze 😀 I hate when people do that me..and it’s NEVER a normal song to sing out loud. haha..

My hubbie came upstairs to see if I was ok! I told him I was singing so that’s done it now, he says I have really lost it this time! Xoxoxoxoxo

Hahahahaha Suze that’s so funnyyyy! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ You’re a little dickens I can tell. Had company gone now? Are you resting before your next round?! You’re like a B&B over there in Scotland. I’m going to dust off my magic carpet soon and take to the skies over there. Why not the more the merrier and I want to party! W00T xoxoxoxo

I need a seat on there MIss M! Please save me one, OK? I would be so honored to ride over with you, and see Suze. God, that would be great. I was noticing also, justanothermary, that Jaq’s face is lopsided. She better watch out. I mean I know ALL their money goes to Nick, her never ending full body lipo, botox, fillers, neck jobs and all is free, right? Including the flights, hotels, medicine, aftercare, all comped, right? Maybe she can’t see from that side of her face and that’s why she seems to forget she has another Son,… Read more »

I wish they would Let Go of NJ they all contribute nothing to this world except for defrauding whenever they feel like it. They all have thieving souls

I wish they would stop bringing the cousins on the show…Especially Kathy’s creepy, greasy, perverted husband. I think he has the hots for Teresa and Melissa and it is just disturbing!

He is creepy, I wouldn’t like to meet him on a dark night xoxoxo

I totally agree, Benny. Maybe they are checking to see what the audience reaction is as to whether they should bring them back full time….YUKKK. I like Rosie ok, but I can’t stand what’s-her-name, the sister, or her husband. He has been a vulgar a****le since the first day. When his wife was trying to start her bakery business, she insisted many times she wanted to cook in her own kitchen for the present time, and later maybe get a little larger place to do the baking, so he rents her this huge place, with like 15 ovens, way out… Read more »

In my opinion, Jacqueline & her whiny husband are toxic. They can’t do anything without bring up autism.

What has happened to Jaq’s face? Is her crooked smile a result of plastic surgery gone bad? I first noticed it on the show and now this picture shows it too so she’s had this for a while. Her face looks nothing like it did at the beginning of the show. She used to be pretty.

I’m really glad that Teresa is protecting herself from further drama with this ridiculous woman-child. I think she really means it to, she does not want her in her life. Jackie? You listening? Leave her be and go your own way, it’s over. Leave Teresa alone let it be.

Jacq is not right in the head.. let it go Jacqualine

So anyone see Teresa and former nemesis Danielle staub doing yoga together on social media?! Jeez…

I like Rosie. She would be a blast to go out with for some drinks

This Treape has a lot of nerve.
She doesn’t want any negative in her life. In other words, she doesn’t want any one around her that will call her on her BS.