Teresa Giudice To Blame For RHONJ Brawl? What’s Teresa’s Relationship With Penny Drossos Karagiorgis?

Teresa Giudice

A new report claims Teresa Giudice was the cause of the nasty brawl at Kim D’s POSCHE 2 opening. A source tells RadarOnline, “Teresa has been talking sh*t about everyone on the show, and she roped Johnny and Penny Karagiorgis into doing her dirty work this season.”

“Melissa Gorga had had enough of the lies she says they’re spreading about her, so Teresa finally said she would confront Penny, which did not go well because she denied any of her involvement!” the source said. “Teresa tried to tell Melissa that she and Penny weren’t even friends, but Penny called her out! Penny started screaming that she and Teresa talk on the phone all the time, that they talk for hours each night and says that she even has phone records, which makes Teresa furious! Instead of arguing back or denying that she did ever talk to Penny, Teresa just kept screaming over and over again ‘Whatever, bitch!’ and then told her to ‘F*ck off!’” the insider reveals.

That’s when the source said Melissa tried to end the bickering with the two women. “She told Teresa and Penny that they needed to stop spreading lies about her.” The source tells Radar Teresa and Penny have been friends for a while and she has been plotting to destroy Melissa’s reputation, so now she is terrified that Penny is going spill the beans about their relationship and show her phone records that prove that they’ve been talking.

“Teresa is so scared about these phone records coming out! Even though she tries to play nice her hatred for Melissa will not stop. She’s brought in these other people to destroy Melissa and now it is finally backfiring!” the source concludes.

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15 Replies to “Teresa Giudice To Blame For RHONJ Brawl? What’s Teresa’s Relationship With Penny Drossos Karagiorgis?”

  1. what i think is that i believe that teressa did plot to destroy melissa cuz she was a little jealous and mad that she took joe away from her and so she started to talk to people about destroying melissa but i do believe that teressa is actually genuinely trying to work things out with melissa but sometimes we reap what we sew!!! andnow all her dirty work might be catching up with her now. and now that things are getting better with the family she feels dumb and she doesnt want people to let out her plot that she had prior because things are fine now.

  2. Oh my Goodness give it up already! Teresa is not the problem with everything that goes on with these fools. She did not cause anyone to raise there hands up to anyone and be charged with assault. These are grown a** people we are talking about not children. Whoever is the source for this foolishness needs to quit already because this defense will not fly in court!!! Its getting so old, this blame Teresa for everything. RHONJ needs to be canceled, its boring and trashy.

  3. Teresa didn’t do this!!! If she did,she is under contract and I read bravo was going to use her anyway. Phone records anyone can forge those. I read Penny has been knowing Melissa way before Teresa ever did. Penny is just mad because Teresa didn’t get them on the show full time, or at all. Where is Danielle?

  4. Yes I do believe Teresa is to blame for everything. That’s why Bravo continues to keep this piece of trash on tv, ratings!! She gets caught in her lies, speaks like an idiot, and that squeal of hers, OMG lets get rid of her, please!

  5. As much as I dislike Teresa she is not at fault. She may have said nasty things, but Chris, Joe, Albie and Jac are the ones who used physical force, NOT Teresa. They are wrong and I hope they are convicted of their crimes. This is not acceptable behavior. Just because you’re on tv and have some money doesn’t mean you should be able to get away with crime.

  6. Consider the source, RadarOnline straight through the mouth of Jacalope to Tom Minion to RadarOnline. #No Truth
    If Bravo doesn’t pay off JTG, then just maybe some of the truth will come out, but I doubt that Teresa masterminded any of this, she’s too busy & doesn’t care. I feel sorry for all the really good people of New Jersey, what a bummer to be represented by such a bunch of lowlives.

  7. Who is leaking this? Melissa?? Jacqueline?? Maybe even CAROLINE! They are up to their old tricks blaming global warming on Teresa. The people that got violent are the ones to blame. What a ridiculous article. I thought allthingsrh.com was better than this.

  8. @allgoodstuff Thw site is not blaming Teresa! Nikkii is just reporting diff sides of the story objectively. Most of us know damn well Teresa didn’t cause this. It’s ridiculous she is even being blamed.

  9. HAHAHAHA!! it’s so incredible that Bravo would think that viewers would still be so dumb to their fake crap but apparently some still are. I have heard radio interviews of Penny stating that she knew Melissa from back in the day. Unless Teresa would take a lie detector test and not pass about plotting against Melissa…it’s just all Bravo BS that the cast is PAID to provide. AND stretching a bit, so what if Teresa was the one behind the Melissa crap, Melissa surely has put out the crap about Teresa so I would say they are EVEN in those terms. *YAWNS* This is becoming a back in the day story line. However, no matter who said what to who about who, looks like Joe Gorga, Chris and Jac went way over the top for their Bravo paychecks and I guess some of that money will be used to pay Johnny. Oooops!

  10. Oh please Teresa is not to blame. Penny and Johnny were willing to cooperate with the producers from S3 and S4. Those producers wanted this strippergate storyline to set up Teresa and the Greeks wanted a Bravo contract. The producers got fired and Penny has no contract. People are bitter so they want to blame Teresa. Jax, Chris and Joe are responsible for hitting Johnny. Penny had a sit down with the Gorgas so why rehash the issue? How is Teresa responsible for what people write on their twitter account?

  11. I don’t think Teresa knew Melissa before she started dating Joe.. I don’t think she knew Brian, either. And if she knew anything about Melissa’s affair with Brain, the information came from Penny. Which means Penny was already spilling the beans! If everyone remembers, the day Penny joined twitter she started a campaign against Melissa to get Bravos attention. She’s been going at it for what? 2 years? Now that she’s making a few appearances on the show, and Teresa doesn’t want any part of her, she’s angry. I guess it was about a month or so ago, I read that Teresa called Johnny and Penny Stalkers. Penny made a claim then to ‘get’ Teresa. Personally, I don’t believe a word that comes from Johnny or Penny. I feel they’re desperate to be on the show and would do or say just about anything to get a contract. Her attacks on Mel didnt work, & now she’s going after Teresa. (Sadly, she is committing social suicide. For that, I pity her)
    Everywhere you look a story has been planted, or P/J are giving an interview. Very strange behavior for two people we haven’t really seen on the show yet. Who are these people? Why do we care what they have to say? In fact, if Teresa did ask Penny to reveal the affair, (which I dont believe for a second) it was Penny’s offer to turn down. “She told me to” wouldn’t be accepted in a court of law, and it shouldn’t be an acceptable excuse in a court of public opinion. It’s a ridiculous excuse for an adult to use.

  12. Hi Jaco Laurita. Is This is your Lame attempt to deflect all the negative attention you are being bombarded with? Nice try but we all know ROL is your go-to rag to tell your sick and jaded lies. Go try to be a real mother or something that doesn’t involve hate and inmature gossip. Here’s a thought – pay back SusanGKoman Charity all their money you stold. Gheez you need HELP.

  13. This is ridiculous. Joe Gorga, Jacqueline, and Chris are out of control and they have a tendency to blame Teresa for everything they do. Jacqueline needs a reality check.

  14. Messy-Mel is so full of it an I don’t CARE what Mel has too say , I’m over Messy and everything she stands for ….. Mel came on that show too HURT Teresa with her Brainwash husband Little Boy Jojo too really Hurt Teresa an Mel broke up the Family not Teresa ……

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