Teresa Giudice To Be On House Arrest Once Released From Prison


Freedom is just around the corner for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice as she is to be released right before Christmas after serving her 15-month prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut. Though Teresa will be able to go home to her family and no longer be behind bars, she will still have a little less freedom once returning. Radar Online is reporting that the mother-of-four will have to complete two months of house arrest.

A source told the site, “She will still be under the supervision of the Bureau of Prisons and will be required to wear an ankle bracelet while under house arrest until February 2016. She will only be able to leave the house with prior permission from the B.O.P. If she attempts to leave without permission, Teresa will go back to prison.”

The couples’ sentence included Teresa serving 15 months and Joe will now have to serve his 41 month sentence once his wife is out. Though it is still unknown when exactly he will go to prison the source added, “The family will manage to spend quality time together before Joe leaves for prison. It will be bittersweet for Teresa and Joe.”

The family debuted their three part special Teresa Checks In. Part two will be aired this Sunday night on Bravo.

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9 Replies to “Teresa Giudice To Be On House Arrest Once Released From Prison”

  1. Two points here, one, the story is from Radar of lies, two, Teresa will be so pleased to be home she won’t care if it is true which I don’t believe as last week it was stated this was just for prisoners coming out of longer sentences as half way houses for next step up prisoners.
    To be clear here I am not saying she should be aloud to be out and about, I am just saying I don’t believe stories from Radar.

    1. I agree, the story is suspect, coming from Radar Online, and I thought once Teresa served her sentence she was done. I mean, I’m not a fan of hers my any means, but really, come on now, this is getting ridiculous.

      1. Her official release date is Feb. 5,2016, which is 15 months (her sentence) minus 10 or 15% of the sentence length off factored in for good behavior, which is standard for all prisoners. Then she’s eligible for an even earlier release under the community corrections program, a/k/a probation, where she’ll get assigned to either a halfway house or home confinement. If she gets home confinement, then she’s still technically serving her sentence until Feb. 5, and is subject to an ankle bracelet, curfew, and other restrictions until that date.

  2. If under house arrest for a “normal” person whose spouse is going to prison upon her return, how does one make money for a living? Oh….you gotta be a Giudice so you can make easy money with paid interviews to continue the lifestyle.

  3. When did she check in? Wasn’t it after christmas last year? If she gets released before christmas it’s not 15 months right? I’m confused about how long it’s been

    1. They always get time off their sentences so it has been just before Christmas for months now. Unless they get into trouble of course.

  4. She went in Jan 5th or somewhere right around there. Yes she is not getting the full 15 months which is just ridiculous peoples lives were heavily affected by Tre and Troll 15 months is 15 months. Hey does anyone know where the Troll is going to jail? Is he going to be as close as Tre or maybe it will be awesome and send him 5 hours away….. I didn’t hear where he was going to serve out his sentence.

  5. I read that Joe will start serving his sentence in the first half of March, which will give them approx. 2-1/2 months to be together as a family. I’ll be really shocked if he does get deported, even though I believe he deserves to. He’ll probably knock Teresa up before he goes to jail, thinking that will help his case.

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