Teresa Giudice to Appear on Tyler Henry’s Hollywood Medium

Any fan of RHONJ or Teresa Giudice knows what a hard time the Bravo star had after the passing of her mother, Antonia Gorga. But in a sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, Teresa connects with her mother and it is a very emotional experience.

Here’s what Tyler had to say about meeting Giudice.

“That was really probably one of the toughest ones of the entire season because Teresa’s reading, her grief was still very tangible. It was really clear in her face,” Tyler tells E! News. “She was still very much grieving her mother. And I think the reading came at an important time. I think it was necessary for her to have that experience. I think it’s one of those ones where it will take time for her to really process the magnitude. Not only the experience but also of her grief. It was just a really vulnerable, emotional side of Teresa that I think people will see and be able to relate to. And I really appreciate that she put her grief so openly out there to the world because people will relate to it and also be able to heal from it who are in similar situations, just through that reliability. So that was really special.”

Antonia passed away in March 2017 and Tyler said the reading will help Teresa find closure.

“I think obviously the inherent nature of this is comforting in knowing that our loved ones are around. I think for her it was also just about talking through the physical loss and I think she was still very much focused on that physical loss, and that’s a very normal state to be in especially when a passing is so recent,” he revealed.

Tyler adds that Teresa didn’t talk about any financial issues or about her husband Joe Giudice.

“When she came through, her mother was really very much just focused on the present moment,” he said. “And obviously her death came at a very difficult time when the family was going through a lot and anticipating a lot so I think she was just very much focused on kind of picking up those pieces and regrouping. There were messages that focused towards the future obviously for Teresa. I don’t know what will be shown, what won’t, but it was all very positive. There was nothing that came through that was any way negative and it was just very much focused on telling her what to focus on and what’s worth your energy, what’s not. Just help to provide that clarity for her so that was good.”

I look forward to watching Teresa with Tyler. I think he is incredible and I love his show.


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