Teresa Giudice Throws Joe Going Away Party


On the evening of March 21st, Joe Giudice’s closest friends and family threw him a going away party because he will be surrounding to Fort Dix on March 23rd to serve his 41-month prison sentence.

“Only Joe’s closest friends and family were invited,” an insider revealed, adding that the Bravo cameras were not rolling for the gathering.

“Next week is the last week of filming,” the source told RadarOnline.

As we previously reported, Joe and Teresa also spent a private romantic weekend together alone this past weekend in Virginia before Joe surrenders.

“They just made it into a special weekend especially since Joe is leaving,” the source said.

Check out the photos Melissa Gorga posted on Instagram below.

Family night xoxo

A photo posted by Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) on

These two! #antonia #milania

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Photo Credit: Bravo


16 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Throws Joe Going Away Party”

  1. I just saw where one of their daughters was playing in a soccer tournament in Virginia, so did they not take the children with them on this “romantic” weekend? Whatever. Today is the big day. Joe is still in NJ too.

    1. They went away on their own Sandy but. Read they was there for the soccer tournament so don’t know how that worked.

          1. The local TV news showed a clip of him hugging Tre (a glimpse through trees taken from outside their property) in his driveway while they were there to pick him up to take him to prison this morning.

              1. It is still sad for me. I am sure Tre must have been upset, and the children most of all. To a child, four years is a lifetime. I am sad for everyone. I just wish they would not have done the multiple crimes to begin with. They still got off easy with the sentencing, since it could have been much more time. The children suffer most of all. They won’t be lacking in material wealth, but they will miss their father now. It could be a lot worse. Luckily they staggered the sentences, so both parents were not in prison at the same time too. Luckily he stays in an NJ camp min, security prison unless he screws up whole there, so the family cam still visit. As prisons go, it is certainly far from maximum security prisons.

  2. I’m glad he had his family there with him, not sure about Jo and Melissa! Stranger things have happened!

  3. Oh God he goes to prison today! How horrible. What a shame to destroy your life and your children’s lives like this. All for greed. I do feel much compassion.

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