Teresa Giudice Threatens To Sue Tabloids Over Allegations Joe Cheated!


After more allegations surface that Joe Giudice is cheating on Teresa, the Real Housewives of New Jersey Star took to her personal blog to fire back at the tabloids! “I hear you’re trying to get to the bottom of the ‘mystery girl’ Joe had drinks with in April?” Teresa wrote on her website in a blog titled, “Dear Tabloids…”

“Here’s a simple idea: show me or Joe the picture and ask us. We could have easily told you it was one of our dear friends and a former employee of both of us that Joe was meeting to talk business. We’ve known her and her family since she was in high school. No secret. No mystery.

I’m also in business meetings and lunches and dinners with people of the opposite sex,” she continued. “Should I send you their photo before we go out so you’re clear on that too? Or will you continue to make up stories about everyone we meet?

What’s unfair and completely disgusting is that you would drag every person we ever speak to into your fake stories. It’s not acceptable to falsely portray our friends, family, business associates, fans, and even acquaintances this way.

The poor girl in your photo is freaking out now, and rightfully so, because she’s getting harassing calls at her work, being stalked on the Internet, and even followed. How is this even remotely legal? Oh yeah, it’s not.”

Teresa also threatens legal action against the tabloids for false stories. “You know we have four daughters that are personally hurt every time you print these lies, but that doesn’t seem to faze you at all. Maybe being sued for defamation finally will.”

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6 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Threatens To Sue Tabloids Over Allegations Joe Cheated!”

    1. You know she did. The woman can’t put four words together without destroying the English language. I LOVED when Lauren Manzo asked her what a word was that Teresa had used in a blog and Teresa’s face went through every ugly Jim Carrey face we’ve ever seen and couldn’t answer the question.

  1. Go Teresa! I am so glad she is finally speaking up for herself! The only reason people want to tear her down is because she is so successful.

  2. Karma has finally bit her big fat bum. How many times has she made money off the tabloids with all her lies and never once thought how it would affect those that she lied about. She deserves all the nasty stuff right back at her. And Theresa when your husband is seen slobbering over another woman then sorry love but he is definitely doing it with her. And really Theresa the phone call was to a man? You really are thick as a brick and shame on you for all the lies that you have told and been caught out on. You really are a nasty piece of work!

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