Teresa Giudice Threatens To Sue Melissa Gorga!

After Melissa Gorga went on The Wendy Williams Show and accused sister-in-law Teresa Giudice of physically attacking her at Gia’s birthday party, Teresa is threatening to sue Melissa for lying and harassment, according to some sources. Melissa alleged Teresa grabbed/twisted her arm while she was carrying her son Joey. Teresa says Melissa’s story is absolutely not true, and she’s had enough of the lies!

“I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew. It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.” Teresa tells The Huffington Post.

A friend of Teresa’s came to her defense telling Rob from The Huffington Post, “This supposedly happened at Gia and Milania’s very big, very public joint birthday party in January. The party was at Space Odyssey, owned by Elvira Grau, who was with Teresa the entire time. Elvira has publicly tweeted that it’s untrue. It was a very public party with a hired photographer there. No one saw them do anything but talk. They didn’t even hug because Melissa was holding her baby, so Teresa just kissed the baby. If anything had happened, why didn’t Melissa immediately go to the press about it then? She puts every other little complaint on Twitter. Nothing.”

An insider at Bravo also reveals to All About The Real Housewives that Melissa put her hands on Teresa at the reunion taping. This obviously caused Teresa to scream and threaten to sue Melissa.

UPDATE: Teresa is NOT suing. Read what she has to say here.

Tell Us- Do you believe Melissa’s story? Should Teresa sue?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • maria manchester

    Teresa not first time you hit someone at family party do you want me to refresh your mind a first birthday party and thanksgiving etc. You did hit melissa I was there liar.

  • Viewers who only see the surface and dont notice how transparent, the manipulaters, her cousin and sister inlaw are. On the first two episodes it shows how calculating and scheeming the are.Twisting the whole Christning drama on TRe and expecting viewers to ,expecting us, to percieve ,that Joe Gorgas discsting actions, were justified bcauseThe conversation at Kath house between them Tre didnt know her place and at her own chids Christning, the Gorgas werent acknowleged,(only probably because pissed about not being filmed for tv.) the next episode ,the diluted conversation at Caty’s house. Melis grand entrance to the fashoin show like she was already a huge celebrity, Kathy kissing up to Caroline ,going to her table,the deliberate drama Kathy caused about Tre leaving her child alone, she intended to insinuate poor parenting,she spoke of it at the salon and the interview previously.Melis .after sister telling her not to saying hi to Tres motherinlaw and her own kissing both after the pulling hair accusation at the Christinening.She actually was blocked, by a guy and persisted any way.After they scheemed to cause Tre outburst Mels said,stop all the yelling and not talk about your brother on public display (drama caused by them both events).Melis is so real ,cousin please. It wasnt that difficult for them to sway the other women, when thier all just as jelous. They claim it was no harm, going on the show decievin famil, bringing all thier family issues, for the public. they had the choice to do this Tre didnt and the Melis has the nerve to cry her immediate family comes first,she dosn’t care if its her own sister,she won’t speak to her. Well, what if her siser came on the show without discussing it with her,while they had issues, and bashed and manipulated her and the innocent parents suffered, all for the cost of fame and jealousy plus revenge.Melis is the one who is calculating. all the rediculouse lies of why she is selling her house(read about her net. worth and mortgage loans owed),the fiction life they portray and people actually don;t see through the acting and oooh how she gives Tre so many free passes for her brother and the children,inlaws to make Joe happy. She has a big family, it would be a relief to have Tre out once and for all, and not need to share. This whole stripper incident, benefits her(publicity for her),its old news, but it all makes Tre look bad, especially to Melis husband and another reason for her to stay away(things going to well for Tre and brother),because just because she says,just want Joe to be happy does not make it true,just because she acts like she is better than Tre and Imean, act,and portrays all is so perfect dosnt make it true. Like him buying her dream house and shore house, all superficial,and the pancakes, song she wrote for him. what about the little things that count him leaving her in the river; getting himself out, while she is freaking ,after he was yelling at her on the boat, or she runs back for the car,when kids miss the bus or on Halloween leaves her walk up the long driveways “just saying”, things are not always what they seem, look beyond the surface, if you even care to, but Tre is not the only villain here.The set up at the fasion show may speak volumes also, of who was really the set for, Tre or Mels. watch the footage, seconds befor he was in front of the table,how they all knew,yes even kat and Mels the hand gestures kath gave Jac a look,the lady behind the guy Omg “see his shadow”on the wall while K looks at him and then looks at jac. rewind,pause to slow.

  • brittany

    Maria stop lyng!
    If Teresa physically attacked Melissa, how come Melissa waited 10 moths after the party and to come forward,how come we didn’t hear about it tell the wendy william show,and how come Joe gorga didn’t come to Teresa and confront her,he had no problem backstabbing her so whats the difference!

  • Jody

    Theresa lies. Therefore she is never to be believed.