Teresa Giudice Terrified To Go To Jail, Hoping To Serve Time Under House Arrest


As we previously reported, Teresa Giudice plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and other charges following a 41-count indictment on Tuesday. According to the plea deal, Teresa is facing 27 months in prison, and Joe could get 46 months and is likely be deported back to Italy. Now, RadarOnline is reporting the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is hoping to serve her time under house arrest.

A source tells Radar, “Before Teresa is formally sentenced by the judge, she will meet with the United States Probation Department and a report will be prepared. The report will outline recommendations for sentencing for the judge to consider and one of those items will include if house arrest is suitable for Teresa.”

The insider continues, “The fact that she has four children and is the breadwinner for the family will drastically help her when it comes to determining if house arrest is appropriate. You can count on Teresa to plead her case to the judge during her sentencing hearing… She really hopes to serve her prison sentence at home because the idea of going to prison absolutely terrifies her.”

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3 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Terrified To Go To Jail, Hoping To Serve Time Under House Arrest”

  1. So, she’ll handle her house arrest how? By hiring people (with money she should be paying back to her victims) to run her errands? Put her butt in jail and make them pay restitution by selling every little thing they own.

  2. Let’s just hope that when Theresa is talking to the judge, he doesn’t say something to offend her cuz she might lose it and flip a table in the court room.

  3. I agree with you DebBrenn. I originally thought Teresa was just being manipulated by Dumbjo but since she pled guilty I think she should do some jail time. Her kids could be raised during that time by Kathy since I think her children are the most well- behaved of the group.

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