Teresa Giudice Tells Joe Gorga She Believes He And Melissa Joined RHONJ To Take Her Down


Teresa Giudice has questioned Joe and Melissa Gorga’s intentions for accepting the offer to appear on the show since season 3 and in this preview for part 2 of the RHONJ reunion, Teresa confronts her brother about joining the show to “take her down” and make her look like the villain.

“Joe, you are my brother, so it’s human nature to listen if someone is talking about your wife,” Teresa says. But Melissa jumps in the conversation and brings up the christening, where Joe Gorga lost his temper. “If you weren’t at that table that night, it would not be on national TV,” Melissa tells Teresa.

“Then why are we filming together?” Teresa asks. “You saw what happened between Dina and Caroline [Manzo]. It broke a family apart.”

Joe Gorga denies that the show has anything to do with their issues. “No, no, no, no, it doesn’t have to be that,” Joe says, but Teresa continues to make her point.

“It built to this. What you guys saw on TV, I never wanted that to happen. I was hurt, you guys came on the show, I felt like to take me down,” Teresa says. “We were four hours into filming and that breaks out at the christening. That was not something that I wanted my kids to see. I felt like you guys came on the show to take me down and make me look like the villain.”

Melissa insists that was not there intention. “You keep saying that and we keep saying that’s not true,” Melissa says. Teresa doesn’t believe Melissa though. “Tell me what I’ve done for you to come on the show the first four hours into filming and that happened at the christening,” she says. “That’s never ever happened in our family, you know.”

“Listen, the christening, supposedly I look like a maniac, but I have to explain why,” Joe jumps in. “So for two years, you axed me out of your life. We got on a show and I heard that you finally signed a contract that day because it was our christening and you had to come. And how I felt that you wanted nothing to do with me, but then when the cameras are on, you were all like, ‘Hi!’ and ‘How are you?’ and I lost my mind.”

Watch below.

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9 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Tells Joe Gorga She Believes He And Melissa Joined RHONJ To Take Her Down”

  1. Just as I think Teresa is so dumb she does whatever Juicy tells her to do, so I see that j Gorga is the dumb one who does exactly what Melissa tells him to do. I’ll bet any amount of money that it was M who pushed her husband to go on the show and I now believe she did it to take Tre down.

  2. Hey Teresa, has anyone ever told you that you’re self-centered??? Try being of service. It will relieve you of a lot of your suffering and pain. When you’re in prison give makeup classes to the other ladies or give Italian cooking lessons. Hmmmm?

  3. That explains why Joe Gorga flipped out at the christening. Teresa HAD to be there contractually because of the show. I always wondered why he was so shitty right from the beginning, I have to say, I didn’t like him at first, but as the show went on and Teresa became more and more of a witch to everyone, the tides turned and it was Teresa I began to dislike. I loved watching her with her family but everything else was falling apart and it was wretched to watch her turning on her friends and family.

  4. So Im not a fan of any of them BUT haven’t we beaten this story to death. I believe that Melissa and Joe came on the show for one reason and one reason only. Her music career. She had little opportunity to get her name out there whether you think she is a bad singer or a good one. Teresa’s only got one complaint that all this happened since they got on the show. Seems to me the issues were already there and Melissa, Caroline, Kathy, Rosie and on and on have all said over and over a number of tomes. THis was not just a perfect family that was torn apart when Joe flipped a table. It seems to me that this all began about the time Joe and melissa got married because Teresa saw Mel as a threat. SOOOOO for those of you who want to continue to blame Andy or Joe or melissa or whomever take a look back at all the reunions when this comment about Melissa being an opportunist. EVERY SINGLE HOUSEWIFE is an opportunist. Melissa her music, Teresa her cookbooks, kathy her cannoli’s caroline and her family (has a new show now) they all are here to get their names and products out thats it. Of course there is a story line and Andy and the Bravo team know exactly what they are going. THis show and the other HW shows have all of us watching weekly with bated breath to see who is going to crucify who. That is the type of society we are in. Everyone is waiting to see Teresa and Joe go to jail. That’s kind of crazy. But let me put my two cents in they deserve to go to jail. They knew exactly what they were doing and they are only in this because they got caught. They have no respect for their family their friends or themselves. They just wanted a lifestyle they could not afford and had to keep up with the Jones (or the GOrga’s) Everyone acts like this 39 count fraud issue is the only thing these people have done and it’s all a mistake. UUUMMMMMM Joe signed his partners name on a document for a loan. He got caught. He now owes his ex partner 260,000 dollars and has not paid him a dime even though Joe was found guilty. They had to file for bankruptcy. Now most people who make millions dont file bankruptcy unless they spend and over spend. THis is not like it was just bad luck. Joe did not want to do hard labor so he just kept getting loans and more loans and then files for bankruptcy so he does not have to pay the bills. Also what about going to the DMV with his brother’s social security number that was a smooth move huh…. their are cameras all over the DMV if he did it he his going to be in jail a lot sooner than Teresa. So enough but they all are opportunists for one reason or another and this is how it started. I see this family who say they are fine now and things are better. Joe and Mel will NEVER trust Teresa ever again. I don’t care how much they make up. Would you trust her? She had her chance. We are all just lacky’s who sit and watch this crap every week and then spend more time writing on these blogs. We must have much better things to do ……..

  5. When joe said I never wanted to be famous, didn’t want to be on the show, I had to burst out laughing. This is a midget that licensed w a tanning salon (bad billboards in jersey), sprayed his hair on (finally shaving it after that came out), on and on. Him & that skanky wife (what’s she gonna say when her kids ask her questions about their sex life she put in print!) can’t get ENOUGH attention.

    Jersey needed to die a natural death – like 2 years ago :/

  6. Midget is not a nice word when you use it to describe someone in a derogatory manner. Be kind, height is not something that anyone can control. Unlike “skanky” that’s controllable, being short is not. Being an “ass” is controllable, being mentally challenged is not.

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