Teresa Giudice: Jacqueline Laurita Has Been Supporting Me




A lot has happened in the six seasons of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. From shopping and luxurious parties to flipping tables and family feuds, we have seen it all with these Italian mamas. This season is the most anticipated one as star Teresa Giudice is returning after serving an 11 and a half month prison sentence for fraud. As the mother of four is making a comeback with her memoir and filming the show, she spoke with Bravo’s Daily Dish on her friendship with Jacqueline Laurita, who she wants back on the show and what to expect from season seven.

With the return of Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa was asked about Dina Manzo who is one of her dearest friends. “I love her. She’s one of my best friends. She’s my daughters’ godmother. I just love her.”

So speaking of Jacqueline, how are things going between the former BFFs? “It’s been great — you’re gonna have to see how that plays out. But she’s been supporting me, which I think is great. She always has and I want to do the same with her.” Thank goodness!

As it seems Teresa has been repairing her friendship with her former partner in crime, how have things been going with sister-in-law Melissa Gorga? “Well, Melissa’s my family. I’m always going to love her no matter what,” she noted. “Family could never do any wrong.” Interesting!

When asked about what we can expect from season seven Teresa concluded, “Everyone’s going to really love this season. You’re gonna have women that support each other, that lift each other up. I think that’s what life’s all about. I think we should all do that.”

What do you think of what Teresa had to say? Sound off in the comment section below!

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I don’t think Jac is capable of supporting anyone but herself! Maybe if she has eased off the drink it might help. I can’t see these two being friends again ever but I guess stranger things have happened. This could be my last season if Jac isn’t called out on some of her financial problems!

I honestly think everyone is getting with the program and realize Teresa is their cash cow. It’s kinda sad to see because they were the first to turn their back on her, but now she’s back and it’s obvious the show will not go on without her, they want to make nice and be friends. Such BS.

Hi gg! Yes it’s ridiculous I think it has taught them a lesson both Melissa and Jac needed the money desperately and they had to wait out the year. Without Tre there is no NJ whether you like her or not it’s a fact. Xo

Of course Teresa thinks women should lift each other up, she needs to do that now otherwise her career would fail but this is not the attitude she had before she went to prison. I still can’t buy her act there is just something about Teresa I don’t like

What did Jax do to her face now? I have to say one side of her face looks paralyzed. I have a feeling this is from injections. Whatever happened to aging like we are supposed to anyway….
meanwhile, I agree with 3D, the photo with Dorinda looks fantastic.

Jac does look ridiculous, like you I wish these women would allow their faces to move, I think with Jac she has had a lot of surgery and injections as she isn’t into working out (or wasn’t anyway.) She is 45 and could be in her fifties! I’m 64 and my skin has a better look than hers. I can smile!!! Yes I do have a few wrinkles but they are all mine!!!

God I would be scared to allow just any old botox dealer to stick a needle in my face. It is a known fact that there is a nerve right under the earlobes that if punctured, well, let’s say no more smile. And, no more laugh lines either, so good for them I guess.

No way would I allow a needle in my face for any reason, I hate them at the dentist, so no chance for me!

Of course Teresa talks about lifting each other up and support, that’s what her script says to say. I know there are Tree Huggers here that love and defend Teresa – save it. I’m not saying anything that’s not all ready well known. she has her “team” that wrote her blogs and handled most of her social media and a publicist that’s earning every cent getting Tre media ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if she practiced every day while in jail. Probably after yoga. But only on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. And I get it, either she or Bravo were… Read more »

Why would they wait for Teresa to get out of jail to film? It’s pretty obvious what their intentions were. The show should have been filmed and released well over a year ago. They’ve seem to replace everyone, but Teresa while people claim to leave and never come back…come back. Like sally said, whether you like it or not, Teresa is the show. Everyone else is getting on board because they know which way the money flows.

Hi Fellow Gemini, if there is one thing I really dislike is being given a name like Tre Hugger! FGS! We are grown intellegant women, all these silly names drive me mad. Yes I like Teresa a lot but I am not a Tre Hugger! I like LVP so what does that make me a Pumper? Pathetic! If the show could have gone on without Tre it would Bravo don’t miss a chance to make money. They know none of the others can carry the show! Rant over xoxoxoxox

Sally (funny I’m a Gemini too) , I wonder what would the show be if everyone but Teresa was recast? I don’t think she could carry it either, on her own she is dull I mean how many times can we watch her screeching over some new purchase or make meatballs? I think this particular cast play off each other and none could really stand on their own.

Well I guess that’s the good thing about being Gemini, we have two sides and can swap between them! (There are a lot of Geminis here!) I will have to disagree on this as I really don’t like Melissa or Jacqueline but neither of these two are as bad as Kathy and Richy! We will just have to disagree on this. 😀 😀

To add sorry my comments can get a bit jumbled at nights, when the pain killers kick in the others here are used to me!

Neither of my two sides watches this group. I actually used to like Kathy and her mom and sister, but even she changed, thoigh her sisiter was fun at times if not too wasted. Everyone changes on these shows. As a NJ born and lifetime resident, I still refuse to watch. I am a Gemini too. Jacq makes me cringe with her constant pity parties and crying. Melissa is in love with herself, but if she does not sing or dance, she is tolerable…barely. You know my feelings about Tre. She happened to be on some entertainment news channel last… Read more »

Correction: Chances are the boy was mugged. They never posted the specifics. It may just have been a random hit, since others have had the same happen to them in that region and met their demise. It may just be unsafe at night there, so strike that commeny please.

Well, Sally, if the shoe (or pump) fits… I’m sure there are many reasons why Bravo waited to film and everyone of those reasons is green. My only point was that I think the show didn’t need her, not that Bravo didn’t want her. Of course they do, they wouldn’t have set Tre up with a badass publicist well before going to jail if they didn’t want her back. And that person earned their pay putting out stories near daily and rehearsing Tre for the media rounds. I still believe that NJ should be either put to death or completely… Read more »

We all have the choice to watch these programmes or not. I don’t watch ATL because of Kenya mainly but the only one I am liking in the clips I have seen is Kim. I won’t watch OC because of Vicky lying about cancer. So that is my choice as its yours not to watch NJ. I hate these names as I said in my post, I am 64 and was a qualified accountant. To be called a Tre Hugger is really silly to me. But that’s just me! 😀

Sally you make me laugh -PUMPER – I love it. For Dee – I am not a Tre-hugger or a Tre hater but I do want to say it is possible being in prison for 11 and a half months – away from family would definitely change a person. I think it has shown teresa what is important in life and made her a more pleasant, calmer individual.

Bee, I hate these silly names, we are not in the school playground. I know you have never
liked Tre but are at least willing to give her a chance! You are a very special lady Bee! Xxoxoxo

Hi geminigirl Teresa may be the show for some but for others she is not, I disagree that the show should have been held up, I would love to see the entire show recast because all the wives are played out now.

The show WAS held up while Theresa became available. Whether it had to be or not we will never know. I think Theresa is funny. I thought she was funny and naive before, and I still think she is now. I don’t watch, or comment on the ones I really like nothing about, not that others should follow suit ♠︎♣︎♥︎♦︎, honestly, just that I go to a different blog sometimes and there are hundreds, if not thousands of comments that basically say “I don’t care what that felon does or not.” Daily, for the entire year, hundreds of similar remarks.… Read more »

Teresa, in my opinion, isn’t the show she’s the dancing monkey. Think about it. As soon as she flipped that table Bravo saw an opportunity. An opportunity to be able to get a housewife to do their bidding and not be smart enough to realize their strings were being pulled. And poor little Tammy Sue Barney Judge, she tried like hell…

I still find it hilarious that while Theresa is being cast as useless and not needed on HW, here it is over a year later, no one had even seen her until this month, and yet every single day the blogs were full of her, the talk goes on & on about her. I don’t think one day went by that there weren’t many pages about her. Nothing personal to anyone who doesn’t like her, but no commentary would scare Bravo off, so, since there is no chance of that happening….

I find it hilarious that criminal behavior is rewarded and so easily forgotten. Oh wait, no I don’t.

I actually don’t think it has been forgotten at all. I think if every single one of the hundreds of thousands of white collar criminals got the press and the discussion she does, we would have killed every tree on Earth for the paper. I understand that many believe she isn’t remorseful. I don’t give a rat’s ass f she is or not, she owes me nothing. Those she does owe are being paid. I also see that many believe she hasn’t paid enough. I do that’s all. I don’t give any attention to the crimes of any other public… Read more »