Teresa Giudice Talks About What An Emotional Day The Reunion Was…

What an emotional season it’s been for Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. From troubled family relationships, to losing a best friend, and the whole scandal with her husband calling her the c-word on national television. Now, Tre is talking about what an emotional ride the Season 4 Reunion taping was. We gave you some details, earlier, but now we can hear what Teresa has to say in her own words!

She took to her personal blog to tell fans how she felt. The blog was titled, “Good Friends Mean Everything.”

Teresa writes, “I should have posted this already, but as they say ‘better late than never’ right!  As you all know, last week was the filming of the RHONJ reunion show and it was a very long and emotional day. I won’t go into the details because you’re going to see it all for yourself in a few weeks on Bravo, but I think it was the longest filming ever in all the seasons I have been doing the show.”

She continues, “As you can imagine I was exhausted and emotionally drained afterwards and one thing I was thankful for was the support I had.  Of course my wonderful hubby Joe was there, but I was also so grateful for the support of my friends, especially my friend Jerry who you all know as Jerel James Sabella, the person who created the Milania Hair Care line.  It meant so much that he took time out of his busy schedule to be there for me.   Thank you Jer!  Good friends mean everything! xx”

Teresa also talked a bit about the reunion when she appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen saying, “The reunion was emotional for me because I haven’t seen my brother in a year and that was the first time I saw my brother. The lies that were coming out of his mouth, and he put my father into it…it was crazy for me.” You could tell Tre was emotionally drained in her appearance on WWHL, which was live just two days after the taping of the reunion.

We just wish peace and harmony for all involved! No matter who’s side you are on, there is a certain point when the drama reaches a toxic level. I believe it is unhealthy for all parties involved. This kind of stress can be a danger to your health. I hope the Jersey Housewives are enjoying their “well-deserved” break from filming.

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