Teresa Giudice Being Sued By Alexis Bellino’s Friend Over Milania Hair Care


Teresa Giudice has found herself in the mix of another legal scandal, this time involving her Milania Hair Care products. Apparently there are two Milania Hair Care companies, the one Teresa Giudice endorses and one operated by Leyla Milani-Khoshbin. Leyla runs a company called MILANI Hair care and also happens to be a good friend of Alexis Bellino.

Alexis took to her Instagram account last week to post photos of Teresa’s Milania products and thanked her for sending them to her. But later, Alexis deleted the photo of Teresa’s products, and explained that Leyla is her good friend. But Alexis didn’t say that she can’t endorse Milania Hair Care because Layla is suing Teresa for copyright infringement.

“Teresa Guidice & her partner(s) are infringing on our registered trademark, ‘Milani Hair,’” Leyla told to Hollywoodite. “Since we are both in the hair care category, she is causing confusing in the market with her ‘Milania Hair Care’ line. She will be hearing from our attorneys.”

Leyla Milani-Khoshbin

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram