Teresa Giudice Has Strong Words For Possible Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Return to RHONJ

After any Real Housewives reunion, rumors start swirling about possible comebacks and new cast members. This time, after Siggy Flicker announced she wouldn’t return, reports revealed Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita were being considered.

With all of the history, Teresa Giudice is reacting to the possibility of these two returning to the show, because they currently do not speak. And she has some strong words.

“Maybe if they both come back it’s because they need the money,” Teresa Giudice told E! News. “But, I mean, whatever, bring it on. I could give two sh*ts if they come back. Do I want to reconcile being friends with them again? No. They’re both evil people and I really don’t want anything to do with evil people. I don’t, but if I have to give them a piece of my mind I will.”

Teresa cited Caroline cozying up with her own family as a plot just for the show because she’s a “money hungry bitch.”

Thoughts on what Teresa said? Do you want Caroline and Jacqueline to return?


15 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Has Strong Words For Possible Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Return to RHONJ”

  1. Yikes! Tre’s not so Namaste now, is she? And of course, Ashley has hit back on twitter. Jersey needs to find people who can at least stand to be in the same room with each other.

    1. I can agree with that. Part of why they needed a cast shake up in the first place is because the show went too dark and too toxic with the combination of women they had. It was too draining, not entertaining, and audiences were sick to death of it. If they’re not bale to learn how to play in the sandbox together and create a show that actually entertains fans then please, keep these women in separate corners.

  2. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Just about every move Teresa has ever made, was because she is a “money hungry bitch”. I’m not saying anything is wrong with it. You go on reality TV for a reason. Just be careful how you throw stones!

  3. Personally I would like to see them come back. I don’t think Teresa should dictate anything that happens on the show, it’s not the “Teresa show”. Hopefully if that happens Jac is in a better place. I’m not sure what I missed, I thought Teresa and Caroline left off in a decent place!?

      1. I don’t think it takes a toxic person to be able to recognize one. I do think there is something wrong with Jaqueline other than the fact that she insisted on having another baby after 4 miscarriages. Don’t get me wrong, it is heartbreaking that Nicholes is ill. I don’t necessarily believe it was Jaqueline’s fault. But I do think we should look at signs left for us in Nature, or God, or whatever it is one believes about the world. She had a Daughter and a Son, and was past the safe age for child bering. Now, people are obviously free to do whatever they like with their lives. No law against having another baby. I just personally think it is a tiny bit selfish to chance it when we are past the age of safety. 4 miscarriages is a lot. I would take a clue.
        I think Jaqueline is cruel and butts in where she doesn’t belong all the time. It was none of her business if Teresa didn’t want to continue a relationship with Kathy and Rosie. I discontinued any contact with my sister, she was so cruel to me. She is ill too, but it is not my responsibility to make her well, it isn’t possible anyway as I tried for decades.
        When Jaq and her hubby are prosecuted for embezzling the money from the retirement funds of the employees of their clothing company, then fair play will come into it.

  4. AGREED!! those Manzos and Lauritas acted like they were sooo much better than and soo above it all. I really hope they stay gone. What happened to their show? Wasn’t anyone watching that? nobody needs them back on RHONJ

  5. This is laughable. Quite a bit of this interview was left out of this article. Like how she said, “When you trash your own family, you’ll do anything for money.” Kind of like Tre did with her brother and sister in law? This interview just reiterates how dumb and self-absorbed Tre is and how she STILL does not take any accountability for the time she served in Prison. (She blamed Caroline again for her going to prison, in this full interview) Blaming someone else, if you and your husband didn’t lie and steal then you wouldn’t be in this mess. That is no one’s fault but your own. I have said it all along, she hasn’t changed at all.

  6. Everybody is there for the money, not precisely for the fame because as soon as they leave the show they sink into oblivion and irrelevance, so la mia cara Teresa STFU because you´re there for the same reason

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