Teresa Giudice Stops Construction On Swimming Pool


In the wake of pleading ‘Not Guilty’ to 39 charges of fraud and tax evasion, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has stopped construction on a $50,000 pool at her home in Towaco, NJ, RadarOnline reports. “Teresa had planned to put a pool in the yard of her house and she was going to spend $50,000 for it, but she couldn’t go forward with it given the case against her and her husband,” an insider said.

“She and Joe just don’t live in reality and so she thought that she could just build the pool,” the source adds. “Teresa and Joe haven’t paid so many of their bills, maybe they weren’t planning to pay this one? Teresa really still wants the pool, so maybe she’ll get it after all.”

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Stops Construction On Swimming Pool”

  1. Day in and day out there is just a new story about Teresa that I KNOW she isn’t leaking or just isn’t true. I’d love to see the proof. The Marco’s need a new hobby.

  2. This was leaked by someone not associated with the Giudices. The reason why they didn’t have a pool was because they had so many kids that where to small at the time. Also I can’t see Joe or Teresa putting a pool in that property which wasn’t in a good part of the area anyway landwise. They would do better first doing some major landscaping behind the mansion first. Also another reason not to have a pool is because they have a Toms River house on the river. If they want they can go to the beach in a few hours.

  3. Teresa and Juicy (gross! ) Joe couldn’t afford $50 baby pool so I’m laughing about a $50,000 one. Get a clue Tre, court date is coming like a freight train! Poor daughters, that’s who will suffer the most…

  4. Their “beach” house is on the mainland in Manahawkin, not Tom’s River. The refurbished Shapiro track home is on a small canal, not on a river.

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