Teresa Giudice Still Feuding With Joe And Melissa Gorga As Prison Sentence Approaches

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is just weeks away from beginning her 15-month prison sentence. While Teresa is spending her time with family and friends, reports indicate that Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and wife Melissa are not apart of that group!

After insiders revealed that Teresa did not celebrate Thanksgiving with her brother, a source shares that she has no plans on spending Christmas with him either. Even though Teresa and Melissa acted like everything was okay while filming the show, the insider claims that their feud is still going on despite Teresa’s unexpected prison sentence.

“Even though they acted cordially towards one another for the show, their issues have continued,” one insider told RadarOnline. “While most people would want to spend their last Christmas home with all of their family, Teresa has been extremely vocal about the fact that she will not spend the holidays with Melissa or Joe. Truly, she can’t stand them, and wants no ‘last holiday’ memories to be made with them.”

“The way Teresa acted towards Melissa at the reunion was a dead giveaway as to the state of their relationship,” the source continued. “Teresa barely looked at Melissa, and when she did look at her, it wasn’t exactly with adoration.”

“Teresa wants to spend it with her husband Joe’s family,” the source said. “Since her legal issues began, Teresa has clung more to them.”

The source continued, “It’s interesting, as Teresa used to be known to talk negatively about them as well.”

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22 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Still Feuding With Joe And Melissa Gorga As Prison Sentence Approaches”

    1. I’m sure Joe will be able to start building a better relationship with his parents once Teresa is in prison. I think Teresa is a huge problem in that relationship.

  1. Melissa has tried – she needs to stop worrying about self absorbed Theresa G – she is not their problem. Yeah family is family but sometimes you need to take a break and not feel bad about it. Self preservation.

  2. Lucky Mellisa. What must it be like to have a sister in law that’s that awful, and have to bend over backwards for your husband’s sake?

  3. I don’t really like any of these two ladies but Melissa is clearly the lesser of the two evils. It was pretty obvious they were faking it for Teresa G’s sake during her trial . It’s how Teresa operates! She only plays nice when it can help her with a current situation. I just wish Melissa kept a mind of her own and not keep trying to kiss her sister in laws ass who will never like her! Melissa was also clearly playing a part this season that didn’t suit her naturally…
    Ladies we as the audience are a lot smarter than you give us credit, so please stop trying to play us because it’s less than entertaining when you’re trying and we catch you. I watch because I love car chases and will watch anything that wrecks itself.

  4. Does anyone even care anymore? I think this story is BS, I don’t think Teresa and Melissa like each other but I would assume they’d see each other over the holidays because I think her and Joe Gorga still love each other and they know the cousins do too. Honestly all of them are pretty awful people and I don’t think either one is right in that whole mess. Still team Teresa though lol.

    1. I can’t be team Teresa anymore given that she has done nothing except blame everyone for what she & her husband did. She says she is strong but then acts like a weakling by not owning up to her mess. Melissa & Joe Gorga seem like nice hardworking (him anyway) people who just want to keep things civil. I am not team anyone. In fact I’d love to see Bravo cancel all these reality shows. They are a sham like Teresa said in court & loaded with scam artists like Teresa & Joe, Apollo Nida, Taylor Armstrong etc.

    2. melissa and joey go to the bahamas every thanksgiving, they never spent it with teresa or his parents.look in back episodes you’ll see her posing in her bikini

  5. Well, hopefully Joe Gorga will be able to use the time a Teresa is away to repair his relationship with his parents. There will be no Teresa there to whisper in their ears about anything. It will be ONLY him. He has a whole year to prove to them who he (and Melissa) really are, and he should take advantage of that. Her going to prison could be a great thing for Joe Gorga in a un intended way. Good luck with that Joe- I hope you do it.

    1. PS- because his parents are really the only family he has left. Teresa loves no one but herself, and is bitterly jealous – especially now that she’s been knocked off her fake and fraudulent throne. I don’t know if Joe and Melissa are financially wealthy- but they aren’t felons, and they don’t owe millions and millions of dollars and they aren’t facing prison time- do her anger and hate towards Melissa and the world is even deeper. She probably can’t face it that Melissa us doing even okay.

        1. I;m sorry. Isn’t throwing stones and picking favorites the reason we watch these shows? I hope it’s not for fashion tips and grammar lessons.

  6. I think they are on civil terms & put on a “nice-nice” fest for the cameras. I doubt they hate each other since Antonia & Milania are super close. I just think Melissa is 8 years younger then Teresa, she has her own 2 sisters & her own life & friends. Teresa needs to be focusing on her parents, her MIL & her own children & whatever part of her sinking business ventures she can salvage before January. I think everyone is making too much of this Melissa Teresa thing.

  7. I don’t watch the HW shows anymore. I do read the blogs every now and again. It is always the same dumb stories about this twit Teresa G. It is boring and even reading about the shows is a waste of time now. Bravo needs to rethink their strategy. The HW thing is played out.

  8. Teresa has always been pissed that Melissa joined the show and hasn’t let that go. I also think she’s a bit jealous of Joe and Melissa, he seems to be a much better and loving husband than hers. Apparently when the “made up” it was all an act. They are all so fake. I didn’t even bother watching this past season and have no interest in watching them anymore.

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