Teresa Giudice Spotted With Melissa’s Ex-BFF Jan DeDolce


Teresa Giudice just said everything was “all good” with her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. But an eyewitness tells RadarOnline, “Surprisingly, even though Bravo cameras weren’t filming, Teresa had dinner at Sushi Lounge and her new buddy Jan [DeDolce] was in there two and they were chatting up a storm.”

“Teresa always seems to find herself in the dumbest situations,” another source tells the site. “Jan has been involved in the sh*t stirring all season and it can’t possibly be a coincidence that she just happened to be at the same place Teresa was. It isn’t possible that Teresa is always the victim and is in the wrong place at the wrong time!”

“Teresa is facing 50 years behind bars if she is found guilty and yet she’s spending her time gossiping with the people that are causing all the trouble on the show,” the source adds. “She’s not taking anything seriously and she seems to be more focused on causing drama with her family and co-stars than recognizing that there is a real chance that she could be going to jail and leaving her kids.”

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11 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Spotted With Melissa’s Ex-BFF Jan DeDolce”

  1. well said!! Teresa is a SOCIOPATH ( I love that she had to look that up…what an idiot). She has don’t nothing but lie and manipulate others this entire season. She always plays the victim, says she didn’t know these other women were coming bla bla bla. Its all just a bunch of bullshit. She should really be trying harder to mend her relationship with Melissa and Joe but she is constantly with all of the enemies (conveniently). It’s so gross. The only reason she had Melissa come to the event the other night was so she could clear her OWN name!! The way she was hovering, trying to make sure Penny and Jan didn’t tell Melissa the truth. It was disgusting and so obvious. She looks like a fool! She said it herself the other night, If you just ignore it, it’ll go away. What?? Like her legal troubles, she’s just going to ignore them and they’ll disappear…wink wink ; )

  2. Melissa deserves everything negative coming her way. Knew M was fake from day one, i’m just late to find out everyone else knew it too.. So glad i found all these websites showing I’m not alone on seeing right thru this phony.. Tre should be careful with Jan tho.. I believe everything Jan is saying but, loyalty is big in a friendship and i feel Jan lost that. Not a good trait… Even if Tre steps back , people will come out about M anyway because she thinks she is better than everyone including people with REAL talent.. Melissa you will never have talent and you will NEVER add up to JLO idc how many nose jobs you get or how much you bleach your hair, you”re just not who you think you are. Start living im reality and not your fairy tale world.

  3. Doubt this is true…Jan said in an interview with all about trh she is not friends with tre and thinks she’s sneaky

  4. Oh my goodness did Melissa and the Marco camp plant this lie of a story. Am I the only one getting totally sick of the BS.

  5. Who cares? She will soon have new friends behind bars. And all her so called friends on the outside will be keeping their distance from her. Bet not one of them will be visiting her in jail.

    1. I’m sure her firends will visit her in jail as much as they can… Then they get to sell the story $$$$ I plan on being her Prison Pen Pal to make a little extra money.

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