Teresa Giudice Spotted Out For the First Time Since Release


It’s no secret to Real Housewives of New Jersey fans that Teresa Giudice puts taking care of her family first and now that she is released from prison, she is back to her homemaker duties! We got to see exclusive photos of the family celebrating the Christmas holiday but the mother of four was spotted by E! News yesterday grocery shopping.

A source told E! that, “She was happy to be out shopping and back into her routine. She looks really good. She looks skinnier than before and even though it was just a trip to the grocery store she was in full makeup and her hair was done.”

Another insider said, “The grocery store is a great local place where you go to buy inexpensive produce. Teresa loves it and goes with her dad a lot. There and Costco, that’s where she and her dad like to shop together.”

It was reported that Teresa was working out three times a day during her prison stay and WOW does it show! Take a look:


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.48.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.48.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.48.11 PM

Teresa is on home confinement until the remaining of her full sentence which ends Feb. 5th though she is allowed to do every day tasks.

The insider concluded, “She’s doing well. There’s no question she’s spending all the time she can with her family, including her parents. She’s savoring being back with everyone.”

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI-E! News


27 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Spotted Out For the First Time Since Release”

  1. So does home confinement mean you can go out shopping? Did she alert the media for this too? Hope she paid cash at the store.

  2. Welcome home for sure but I dont think she looks great. She looks really different. Thinking its weight loss maybe? Good for the tush. For the face, not so much. I wish her well.

    1. That is exactly what my Mom’s Mom used to say. She said she remembered Zsa Zsa Gabore commented to a reporter once that 10 extra pounds looks great on the face, which everyone sees, not so much on the ass, which only one person sees!

  3. Her face looks really aged and drawn. Stress and weight loss. Sometimes it’s better to keep on a few pounds. My brother-in-law always says butt or face. If your face looks good you usually are carrying a few extra pounds. If your button looks good your face is usually wrinkled. Since he told me that saying I have started to notice it more and more.

    1. Valentino handbags are overrated…try a Hermès Birkin handbag in calf leather and you’ll look amazing

  4. Only in America do we have talentless, criminals getting paid millions of dollars, martha stewart, kartrasians-famous for a bedroll with a black dude, and having a girl daddie, teresa guidice-felon, nene leakes-felon, etc. etc., America has been so dumbed down with a society that expects nothing good just hedonistic. Glorify & reward the evil, bad, and deviant— demonize Christians and high morals? WTH happened to America, it must have died with that illegal fool in the whitehouse named barrysoetorohusseinbarakobama……And the glorification of bravo/miss deviant andy, ms.bruce, etc… People, speak up to the truth and be bold—it you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything including the evil…..

    1. You know what else we have in America? Freedom of speech. We let people who we vehemently disagree with speak their mind and we even defend their right to do so.

      1. Apple, very well said and even in UK we have same on TV so it’s not just in U.S. You and I have had discussions before and they have always been respectful I wish everyone was. Happy Hogmany apple from Scotland xoxo

        1. I was thinking Theresa probably had the purse before she even knew she had signed those papers. She is probably feeling like she has just spent a year in prison and is overjoyed just to have the freedom to go shopping. I bet she’s not thinking about what bag she is carrying. And personally I couldn’t tell a Valentino from a Nine West bag, not that I care.

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