Teresa Giudice Spends Easter Without Joe and Melissa Gorga


Just days after RHONJ star Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe checked into prison, a new report claims she had to spend Easter without her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa.

“Teresa didn’t spend Easter with Joe and Melissa,” an insider reveals. The Gorgas instead headed east to spend time with family members other than Teresa.

“Joe and Melissa went down to the Jersey Shore with Melissa’s family instead,” the source said.

Melissa even took to Instagram to share a photo of herself at her mother’s house. “Love kicking it old school in Toms River, NJ at my mamas house!” she captioned the photo. “Brings back memories traditional Easter Enjoy everyone. #heisrisen”

But Teresa shared a photo of one of her daughters painting an Easter egg and the source reveals that the Gorgas have taken a step back from supporting Teresa.

“It’s all fake and phony for the cameras,” the source said. “I don’t think they really care about what Teresa is going through away for the cameras.”

Happy Easter!!!

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“For the cameras, they are pretending to be a big, loving family,” the source told RadarOnline. “But when they aren’t filming, they only tolerate each other.”

“Teresa will be leaning on Joe Giudice’s sister and brother,” the source said. “That’s who will help her for the next four years.”

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  • Suze☕️

    These stories about Tre are ridiculous. I wish we didn’t get these ‘sources’. So,what if they are with her parents I’m sure Tre was with hers and wouldn’t want it any different with Joe just going away. But If the sources are true, which I wouldn’t be surprised. Melissa should still be thanking Tre for her job as without Tre no NJ!

    • Nikki

      I’m with you

      • Suze☕️

        I guess that’s about Melissa. But I really like Tre and she has done her time and now Joe is doing his. I’m looking forward to seeing the chilled out Tre and her girls.

  • This indicates nothing to me as it’s my understanding anyway that they will only tolerate each other & be cordial for the kids. Secondly some1needs a payday my guess is mellissa’s team.

    • Suze☕️

      Hi Ellie! Are you newish here, I maybe have just missed your name up to now. If so welcome, we are a really nice friendly bunch here! We maybe go off on a tangent from time to time but it’s only because we care about each other!

      • Suze☕️

        Sorry Ellie, just noticed you aren’t, I should open my eyes a bit more! Xo

  • Nikki

    So what. Melissa is allowed to spend holidays with her family & Joe Gorga. Plus I’m sure Tersa wanted to be with Juicys family. This story is stupid. It’s not a story it’s just another excuse to give Teresa press coverage she doesn’t really deserve. She is not all that interesting anymore. Sorry.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    I don’t know what they meant by heading east. The Jersey Shore is South…southeast maybe, but everyone says down the shore, because it is south Jersey, not north Jersey.
    Maybe Melissa’s family wanted no part of all the paparazzi Tre would have with her too, but I am not surprised if they played nice for the cameras when they were filming. I don’t watch NJ either. I just live in NJ and cannot get away from all the news about them. 😉

    • Suze☕️

      Sandy you are so sweet! Melissa’s sisters tried for years to get on NJ! They just weren’t interesting enough! I haven’t a clue where it is they could say north north east I wouldn’t know the difference! Too far from Scotland! ❤️❤️❤️Xoxoxo take care!! I think the niceness was just for the cameras I just don’t think they like each other at all.
      It would have been nice if it was for real but I could never see it.

      • Anonymous

        I personally know Melissa’s sisters and they had no interested on getting on the show.

      • Real Sandy⛱

        ❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️ You are sweet.
        You know, some families split holidays. They may spend Christmas with the wife’s family, or Easter with the husband’s, etc., and that may mean that they do not spend all the holidays with their own siblings or their families. It does not directly imply they are not spending some holidays together. Melissa’s family about 1 1/2 hours drive south from where they live. They are not down the street. It may be a big holiday for her family. Whatever. This is a stupid story.

        • Suze☕️


  • Debbie. Mcguire

    Their not her babysitter, and I’m sorry Joe and Melissa do have a life! I’m sure Teresa spent time with her parents…

  • apple

    I am not sure how either one of these women could come back from where they were and become friends. I can certainly see Melissa’s side of it. Her sister in law has been calling her a gold digger, a stripper, and a whore since she started dating her brother….and Teresa obviously didn’t want Melissa (and Kathy Wakile) to come onto the show….and did everything she could to get them off. But thankfully, RHONJ is not The Teresa Show and she doesn’t get to make those decisions. BravoAndy sticks to the rule that new housewives must have some connection to the returning housewives…so of course he brought on Melissa when he found out they were feuding behind the scenes. And I like both of them. I think Joe and Melissa are fun…and I liked watching Kathy and Rosie and their mom together…and Victoria’s story was very compelling…and Joseph Wakile is a cutie-patootie and a nice kid. Unfortunately, the Trehuggers continue to blame Melissa (and Kathy and Jacqueline and Caroline) for Teresa’s problems and nothing any of them do will ever be accepted by that group. But. IMO, Teresa was and still is solely responsible for her behavior. She lied on those applications and signed for all the bank loans …and she also tried to disgrace her own family on a popular reality TV show . So now, if they may not want to be so supportive while her husband does his share of the time for the 40 plus counts of mortgage fraud they were convicted of, I, for one, can certainly understand that.

  • VaNonna

    Will these be a story for every holiday? Here’s a thought do a story about a military family who is spending the holidays without their loved ones because they are serving their country, or children that lost their mother or father killed while serving. I prefer not to read about the felons and how rough it is for them. I should have not read, but did, and it bothered me so I felt the need to comment.