Teresa Giudice SLAMS Melissa Gorga For Not Acting Like Family When Bravo Cameras Are Down!

Real Housewife of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice took to her blog to sound off on her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga for supposedly being fake for the Bravo cameras. Teresa is claiming Melissa doesn’t want to be family when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Teresa writes, “I also loved seeing them with Antonia and Melissa. Milania and Antonia have been best friends since the day they were born, and it hurts Milania a lot not to get to see her cousin as much as she used to. Since Melissa is so much younger than her sisters, my girls are the closest cousins that Antonia has. I love that little girl so much and would do anything to have her over more. We’ll keep inviting her and our door is always open. Hopefully her mama will let us have a play date soon. We’ve haven’t filmed in a year, and coincidentally, we haven’t seen Melissa and her kids in a year (except for Melissa’s solo appearance at Gia and Milania’s birthday party in January). Maybe if the cameras come back around, we’ll see “all-about-family Melissa” again too. Fingers crossed!”

Reports that the RHONJ Reunion– Season 4, did not end well, doesn’t look good for the young cousins. Many sources claim that things were worse after the reunion was taped. There is reportedly still a lot of animosity between Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga, and his wife Melissa, over Teresa’s allegations that Melissa was a stripper in her past.

Do you think Melissa is faking it for the cameras? Or do you think she has a right to be mad at Teresa?

Photo Credit: Bravo