Teresa Giudice Shocked Over Victoria Gotti’s Gossip


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal how shocked she was when Victoria Gotti revealed the gossip about Rino Aprea. Teresa says she wishes she never would have heard this rumor and wishes the couple the best.

Teresa writes, “We’re still at the Jersey Shore trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before the girls go back to school. How many of you have started already? Summer’s too fast! I don’t want to send my kids back! I love being with them. It blows my mind that Audriana will be starting Kindergarten! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that she was born?

I liked seeing everyone celebrate Valentine’s Day with their families and supporting each other. Melissa and I hanging out like that on the couch, drinking Fabellini, and watching The Godfather, that’s how it always used to be before all this nonsense. We know how to have a good time together, and I’m so glad we’re back to that!

It was very sweet of Amber to bring Melissa chicken soup after her aunt passed. It was a terrible loss for her. My brother bringing them a puppy was so sweet too. I hated seeing Dina upset about her marriage, but I know she’ll find her happy ending. She’s a wonderful woman and she deserves it.

It was also sweet of Amber to come to my Fabellini signing. Thank you all so much for continuing to support me! I really do love meeting you all and getting to know you! That signing was really close to Victoria Gotti’s house, and I was so surprised and happy she stopped by. We’ve kept in touch since we were on Celebrity Apprentice together. Everyone thought we wouldn’t get along, but we really did. We have a lot in common. We’re both strong, Italian women who love their family more than anything. I had no idea Victoria knew Rino. Small world! Actually, I take that back, I shouldn’t be surprised because Victoria knows everybody. She’s like the Kevin Bacon of the East Coast.

I was SHOCKED about what Victoria said Rino had told her. Shocked! And pretty quickly wished I had never heard it for about a million reasons. I really like Rino, and I think he and Teresa are very sweet together and have a beautiful family. I hope they stay together for a million years.”

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4 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Shocked Over Victoria Gotti’s Gossip”

  1. Teresa this is why you are fabulous!! I would not want to hear that gossip bloody hell (not a swear word part of Australian life) truly awful this was so detrimental to Santa the mother in law…I will never understand such a horrible rumor…I would want facts stuff written on paper before I would speak this out loud even then I wouldn’t…Love your strenght!!!!

  2. How gullible do you have to be not to realize Teresa has a PR person writing her blogs on the recommendation of her defense attorney.

  3. I am not knowing what to say. I always watched Victorias show back few yrs ago . She was so pretty then. Just older now. Read her articles in was it star magazine? Watched her on Donald Trump. I just liked her. But goodness , why would she tell this and possibly ruining a family. Wasn’t even told secretly cause she knew she was being taped. I don’t get it. I hope it was just a mistake. So sorry for Teresa and family. Goodness. I just like Rino and Teresa and they are kind ppl. God help us all.

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