Teresa Giudice Shocked At The Things Melissa Gorga Said & Did During Fight At Lake George!


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to let it be known that she is shocked by the things Melissa Gorga said about her in the past couple episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa says there are no words for the way Melissa acted and the things she said about her and her husband.

Teresa writes, “WWWTF?

There are no words. No words. I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy. This was not a fun episode to watch mostly because I was hearing the things my family was saying about me behind my back for the first time. Richie, really? Melissa, really? This is how you talk behind closed doors? You see how me and my husband talk. No bashing. Never have.

I have to say for all Melissa’s accusations, you have never heard me call her a gold digger, a stripper, or a cheater because I never have. Not once. (If I had, you know it would be played back over and over.) But I couldn’t list all the things she has called me and my husband. Did she really whine through an entire blog because Joe called her a “horsey face”? He said my brother was a “dum dum” this episode, so I can only imagine what’s coming. Alert the tabloids!

In five seasons, no matter how much people have tried to get a rise out of me, I have never ever laid a hand on someone. Melissa, not so much. First her own son’s Christening it looked like she was kicking people, then she goes after her brother-in-law, and I didn’t even see until I watched the episode that it looked like she wanted to charge me when I was leaving. And I’m the animal? OK.

I lost count of how many names Melissa called me over the last two weeks but I could care less what Melissa says to me. Call me every name you can think of (or if you can’t think of any, just keep calling me the same one over and over). It’s my brother’s words that hurt. We grew up in such a house of love with the utmost respect for each other. He never called me names. Never. And suddenly now he calls me these terrible things in front of the whole country. It’s confusing and hurtful and it breaks my heart. But still, I can’t hate him. I’ve never hated him. I don’t know why he has so much hate inside him. My husband isn’t full of hate like that. Maybe Joey and Melissa need to drink Fabellini more often. I don’t know. I can’t wait to hear what the secrets to her hot and happy marriage are when her husband is running around this angry attacking people all the time… He’s either angry or he’s crying… Will there be a chapter on what to do when your husband cries in bed? How can you see your husband hurting like that and not want to fix it?

Of course I did not want to see my brother and my husband fight. Once my brother started calling me names, I went to get Joe to leave. Not so that Joe would do something. Melissa seems to forget she called Joey last year at the fashion show for exactly that reason, so he would come and fight. I didn’t want it then, and I didn’t want it now. I just wanted to leave. I was done.

I was very proud that my Joe walked in the room and asked for an apology. He didn’t call anyone names. As soon as Joey charged him, Joe was figuring out the safest way to hold Joey off. If there was ever a “safe” fight for my brother to be in, it’s with my husband. He would never hurt my brother. Joey knows that and Melissa knows it too. Why she was acting all hysterical was insane to me. I get that if Joey was fighting with a stranger, she might be afraid for him, but not with my husband. Then, you should definitely jump in and try to stop it, Melissa! When he’s being an idiot with my husband, you can let them be.

I did run to get security to break it up, but I got back to the room before they did. And I broke up the fight right away. How is that? There were 4 people there trying to “break it up” but only I could do it? Seems to me they weren’t really trying to break it up, they were also attacking my husband. Poor guy!

I had no idea that Melissa felt so strongly about my cookbooks and my products. I guess that explains why she never publicly supported me even though I supported her. I do them because food is what I know best and it makes me happy. It’s sad that she feels the need to belittle me for doing what makes me happy and trying to make a better life for myself and my family. Although I’m sure it’s somehow my fault anyway.

I have nothing else to say except that I can’t wait to see how Melissa will spin this. Here’s a free hint: it’s all my fault.”

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4 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Shocked At The Things Melissa Gorga Said & Did During Fight At Lake George!”

  1. There’s more crap in that post than you’d find in a horse stall. Teresa has never laid a hand on anyone because there has always been a few people holding her back. Remember the table flip and the reunion when she knocked Andy down? The veins in her face all but exploding? She’s like an animal when she gets mad, completely out of control and mindless. “Protective” Joe smirked and bragged that he threw her brother into a wall. Not hard when you’ve got a wrecking ball for a gut. Every episode he’s calling one of them some ridiculous, childish name. Teresa and Joe are truly the most ignorant people I’ve ever witnessed. Teresa has continuously tried to put a wedge in her brother’s marriage – any idiot can see that. She loves her brother but makes a JOKE out of his distress over the situation? She’s heartless.

    1. I never written in a blog in my life. I have to on this one. Teresa, it’s really sad that you are always blaming others and denying everything. I don’t understand why you cannot look at your actions and look at how you are hurting other people. You state that others are attempting to make you look bad. You do that all on your own. I understand why Joe says the things he says. You have no heart and you are ice cold. People at work talk about you, they all say you are crazy and probably on drugs. All I ask is to swallow your pride (which you truly have a self esteem problem) and show a sincere heart. Your tears were all about you. Your husband makes you look like a fool but no on else does other than you.

  2. Anonymous! I know who you are! You’re my Pussy. Miaow, here’s a saucer of milk for you. Now stop being so catty x

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