Teresa Giudice Shares What’s Different About Danielle Staub Now

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice admits she knew people would be shocked she reached out to Danielle Staub after everything that happened between them during seasons one and two. However, Teresa says Danielle is different these days.

So what has changed?

Teresa says Danielle has a softer-side these days. “She’s really sweet. When my mom was sick, she texted me every day or called me to see how I was doing. And that really meant a lot to me,” Giudice shared. “She didn’t have to do that.”

So how do Teresa’s co-stars feel about Danielle’s return? “I wasn’t sure how the other women were gonna take to her,” Teresa said. “That’s not for me to say. They have to interact with her and see if they click or not as friends.”

Let’s just say… that doesn’t go too well.

Check out Teresa’s interview below:

Do you think Danielle is different these days?

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19 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Shares What’s Different About Danielle Staub Now”

  1. I want to know why Tre was ALLOWED to reach out to Danielle. They are both felons and Tre was on parole. Aren’t felons supposed to avoid interactions with other felons, especially why still on parole?

    1. I don’t think Danielle is a Felon..
      Sometimes, it depends upon the amount of time since the crime was committed (Danielle) and the nature of the crime.
      I an sure this was discussed with T’s Parole Officer and in reality their relationship is a workplace relationship.

      1. Danielle has several felony convictions, this was covered on the show years ago. Also, if the story is to be believed, Tre and Danielle met up while not filming and it had nothing to do with the show. Tre is not very bright and may not have known that she has restrictions. She was going to vote for Trump before someone informed her that she couldn’t vote due to her status as a felon.

        1. Wow! Danielle had several felonies? I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me!
          I am sure Bravo’s lawyers went over all, of T’s particulars..

        2. I though they were brought down to misdemeanors but who knows. She and Teresa are both SUCH liars. Teresa always makes it like she was convicted of 1 felony count (I signed a paper I shouldn’t have) where I read before she went “away” & the reason she went “away is cuz she was convicted on 3 counts of felony! Fraud, Hiding assets & 1 other, forgery maybe. OMG these lying butt itches.

  2. I never liked Rre before now and she has changed she is more real and humbled and I think this is the real Tre we see this season. She lost her way and like all of us was humbled and now is just real take her or leave her what you see is what you get but I am now a cheerleader for her

  3. Your right Minx something clearly went wrong with one of her many facial rejuvenations face lifts or whatever. She looks horrible. In CA (in my city) they were rerunning season 1 and I looked closely at these women and with the exception of Caroline they were SO pretty back then. They looked real. Now they are so overdone pulled stretched, pinched, and tugged that you can barely recognize them. On the episode recently where the girls are at a restaurant in the hotel and they were hung over from the night before. It’s Melissa’s Birthday am. Watch Danielle when she enters the area where the girl’s are sitting. She looks terrible. She walked in all teeth. White teeth are great if they make your face look natural. Whatever Danielle has done she should fire her plastic surgeon.

    1. I live in the PNW and I saw the same reruns.Old OC & NJ..
      Tre, Tre-boobjob and Danielle pre-whatever-the-he’ll-she-did-to-her-face.
      I really hadn’t realised just how long the Housewife Franchise had been on!

  4. What’s different is now Teresa can make more money with Danielle on the show. Teresa only cares about making money. Oh and more plastic surgery or fake tan or fake hair. Or spoiling her dorters. Nothing else. So UN Zen really.

  5. Okay, I just checked out The Gorga’s website for their Restaurant & Sauces.
    All their sauces are out of stock.
    They must be doing pretty well?
    The Menu looks great…
    Not very pricy.

  6. So does Teresa ONLY wear Off The Shoulder jump suits now? Every photo or show she is on that is what she is wearing with a black choker & more make up then 3 clowns at a circus. OMG & her hair is starting to look as orange as her fake tan.

  7. Much has been said about Tre’s edges; the cruel Tre Ape names etc;, (personally, like most men over 40, I’d kill for that full hairline), but I’m wondering why she doesn’t have electrolysis to extend her forehead.

  8. Daniella was always fruitloops but she was desperate for friendships and would do whatever to be your friend and if that means kissing tre’s ass she’ll do it. The difference now is that tre has had to calm down and be humble, less judgemental, is more receptive and also needs people on side. I still don’t like her though.

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