Teresa Giudice Shares What Life In Prison Was Like With Andy Cohen


Teresa Giudice appeared on WWHL Tuesday night for her first post-prison appearance on Bravo and to promote her new memoir; Turning The Tables.

Andy noted that he had a secret lunch with Teresa two weeks before she was incarnated and that she didn’t seem prepared for what was to come. He asked her if she thought she was prepared. “No, not at all,” she said. “I was, just like you said, [living] in the moment. Just focusing on my daughters. I felt like I was dying, in reality, that’s how I felt. Every weekend I wanted to do something special with them, especially with my little baby [Audirana]. I didn’t want her to forget me. She was 5 years old at the time and that’s how I was feeling.”

What were her first few days in prison like? “When I first got there I was pretty much numb. I was going through the motions. They strip search you, you have to bend down, cough… something that I’ve never done before. I felt humiliated. I get to my room, I met the other girls in my room. They were really nice. I look at my bed, there were urine stains, blood stains on the mattress. That was disgusting. The other girls helped me make my bed. I was exhausted by the time I got to my room it was like 4:30am and pretty much everyone was sleeping, the girls woke up to help me. After I made my bed, I passed out for a few hours and then I got up again with the girls around 6:30 7 because they were getting ready to go to work.”

Best thing about prison and the worst thing? “The only thing I can think of was being able to work out three times a day. The worst thing was being away from my daughters and Joe.”

Does Teresa now fully understand why she went to jail? “Yes. In the beginning I didn’t understand just because I’ve never been in trouble before, so I didn’t understand the legal system. But once you get there you become so knowledgeable about the legal system and just by talking to the other girls about everything. But I know why I was sent there.”

Does she hold herself accountable for what she did? “Of course I do. I signed papers without reading them. I plead guilty to what I did, I got sentenced, I served 11 1/2 months, I apologized to the judge, I did my time, my restitution is paid.”

What does Teresa say to people who say she shouldn’t return to RHONJ? “Listen, no one is perfect in life. We all fall down and obviously I fell down and I’ve picked myself back up. I think we should all encourage each other and pick each other up. So I hope that’s what the world is going to do with me.”

How does she think coming home to a new Lexus SUV looks when she just got out of prison? “My lease was up on my car and I needed a car, so Joe got me a new lease and he got a me a Lexus. It’s a lease. Lexus decided to put on the big red bow and they were smart because they knew tons of paparazzi were going to be at my house. So they got a lot of press for that.”

Is she more or less scared for Joe to go to prison now? “Believe it or not, I was just totally numb with it, I didn’t even think about it. I am more worried about Joe than I was myself. I think women are stronger and different. They’ll just walk away from situations… I don’t know how men’s prisons are.”

Did Teresa ever get into a fight in jail? “No I didn’t, but I did see fights that happened.”

Did inmates ever try to pick fights with Teresa because they had seen her on TV? “Yeah they did and they would talk about certain situations that happened. They’re in my book.”

Did being in prison teach her anything about how to handle conflict? “It did. I wasn’t going to give anyone anything in order to ruin my good time.” (Good behavior).

Andy showed some footage from Teresa Checks In and wanted Giudice to react to the footage. “It breaks my heart [to watch that].” Andy then asks her how Joe did while she was away. “He did good,” Teresa says, adding that her brother Joe Gorga also did a great job of taking care of their parents while she was away.

In her book, Teresa writes that while she was away she was able to relive some of the good times with her brother. How did being away give her perspective on her life? “When something like this happens, from now on I just want to live everyday like it’s my last day and you know what, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s nonsense.”

Andy noted that he and Teresa emailed while she was away and brought up that Melissa wasn’t ever approved to visit her or email her. “By the time she sent it in it was like three months later and my list was full. I took my brother-in-law Pete off the list to add my brother. When I left, obviously things weren’t the greatest between Melissa and I, and you’ll see on the show I ended up saying it to my brother in a scene we already shot, ‘I didn’t really want to spend 5 hours with Melissa in a visiting room,’ and we laugh about it.”

Andy pointed out that Teresa didn’t acknowledge Jacqueline Laurita in her new book. “While I was there I didn’t hear from her and when I left we weren’t speaking. I haven’t really spoken to her in three years.”

What did Teresa eat in prison? “The cooks did they best they could with the food they had. It was different everyday. There’s like hamburgers and hotdogs, that’s obviously a no-no for me. They would make chicken fajitas. Pizza.”

What’s the first thing she ate when she got out? “Rino sent food to our house from his restaurant Angelos. What I remember specifically going for was the lobster.”

Did Teresa ever become resentful of Joe while she was away? “No I didn’t. I live with the man. I know he didn’t mean to harm me in anyway. He took full responsibility, the government saw it a different way. What else can we do?”

What was her reaction to the tabloid reports while she was away that Joe was cheating? “I saw them because the girls there would get them. One of them was, matter of fact, one of our friends and made him take a picture with this blonde which was a friend of his and then he sold the story.”

Is Teresa worried about Joe’s deportation? “We’re just taking it day by day. Focusing on our children right now.”

Teresa interrupts to say one thing in reaction to respond to what Bethenny Frankel had to say about her. Andy played a clip where Frankel said she’s amazed why people come on reality TV with skeletons in their closets. Teresa states, “If I had skeletons in my closet I would have never come on the show.” Andy replied, “Well, debatable.”

What are your reactions to this interview?

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26 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Shares What Life In Prison Was Like With Andy Cohen”

  1. At least again I can get my comment in and leave you all to it! Lol. She has said she was guilty signing papers without really knowing. I do the same my husband sticks papers in front of me and I sign them. No I’m not stupid just trust hm implicitly! Luckily I know what money we have and have access to it! I also know where it comes from. Teresa isn’t the sharpest Knife in the drawer! But I like her a lot, more than any of the others on the show. So will watch for her. She isn’t a murderer or a child molester. She in my opinion deserves another chance. If she messes up this time we’ll that’s different. The Lexus was obviously a deal with them as they put the bow on it. Publicity for them. They didn’t buy it and as I have said all along they wouldn’t have been allowed to purchase it! I won’t go back to any Teresa thread once I have posted as I refuse to argue with anyone over a person I do not know and will never meet!!

      1. ORE, I wasn’t dumping and running, I was ill last week so commented first thing! I didn’t come back as had other things to think about and as for showing in my posts, you were reading something that wasn’t there! I didn’t read back until Friday. End of! Xo

    1. Just a question Sally, did you watch the interview? If you had you may understand why people are saying she still isn’t taking responsibility. People said Erika should own her stuff but TG doesn’t have to? So only certain HW are held to that accountability?

      1. Cassy, all HW’s as far as I am concerned are held to the same accountability. I stated Erika lied, which I saw in a clip from the week before the show was on. I was told by you and one other that she didn’t! So just making a point. I would think that all of the HW’s have lied about different things. I have heard Tre apologising what do you want out of interest, every time she speaks she apologizes or a public flogging? I know 3D has asked several times what would make people happy I also would like to know? I have never said she was innocent, she has served her time and will be repaying debts for many years and as far as I am concerned that is it! Martha Stewart didn’t go through all of this!

      1. I genuinely would like to know, with no sarcasm, what Theresa could do besides say over and over “I am a criminal” like writing on a 5th grade chalk board, to have her detractors at the very least skip her articles? I honestly think there is nothing she could do barring falling to her knees to be kicked, but maybe someone, anyone could prove me wrong.

        Taking pot shots at her for a year, over a year, every time her picture appears is tedious. I would be exhausted from keeping it up, but that’s just me. Like someone said I don’t have to embrace the opinions of others. This seems more like something besides an opinion is all.

  2. Well I came on here hoping to have blogs on RHBH, I’m bumming its all about this one who won’t take responsibility for anything, she just didn’t Sign papers She Filled applications out falsifying information which She knew was false, nobody is that dumb but its way more than that. Just another con-artist. I’m done with this subject, I knew she wouldn’t admit to Anything which means she is what I thought she was a thief. This is the last comment I make on this criminal.

  3. Interview boring, predictable, and still shows her character. Obviously she still held grudges as she removed her brother-INLAW to allow Joe? And no, she didn’t serve 11 1/2 months. Do the math..when did she go in and when was she released? It was not 11 1/2 months.

    BY the way, Adriana was about to turn 6. TRE said she didn’t want her youngest to forget about her as she was five at the time. Doesn’t sound like an idiot. This woman is very shrewd with her words, stretching events for sympathy or circumventing the question….

    Lastly, she is still not showing remorse…she said she just signed papers unknowingly. She physically had to answer each question about her income or job…SHE completed those questions, not just sign paper.

  4. She says she understands why she went to prison, but in truth she never admitted guilt for what she did. Deflect deflect deflect. She also may be the least introspective person I have ever seen. I think I will probably skip RHONJ this season. I am really not interested in the Tre Rehabilitation Tour. Props to her makeup person, though…she looked more natural than she has ever looked on the show. It was nice.

    1. I know. I want VPRULES blogs. I have some stuff to say about that show. It has changed from the adult children drinking and w*****g to something actually interesting with the Kristen/Stassi connection.

  5. Feeling bad because someone is away from their kids does NOT make them innocent. It also does not mean we should all just forget and move on. Some have also said “the dealership may have given them the car”….ummmm no they chose an expensive unrealistic car and leased it. The same people who said BG should have gotten a cheaper car. Well she hasn’t changed and still nothing is her fault. So instead of all the stories about what a saint Tre has become and clips of poor family look at all the sad clips. Sorry when you break the law everyone suffers. How about focus on how her criminal behavior was hard on her kids, if she hadn’t done this her kids wouldn’t be in the situation.

  6. It doesn’t seem like she is remorseful at all. I won’t be watching NJ anyway. Both of them knew exactly what they were doing. IMHO.

  7. Andy seems more interested in getting her to talk about the “gay for the stay” prison sex than making her take responsibility for the 13 million dollars worth of fraud and tax evasion they are guilty of…
    I want to know how can the restitution be only $400,000 when they owed 13.5 million to their creditors…and how does she plan to pay the $10,000 per month mortgage on that ugly house…and why did she come on a reality TV show in 2008 and throw money around when they were already behind on their many fraudulent loans and being sued by Joe’s business partner for falsifying loan documents.
    Ah well…she wouldn’t answer anyway…just keep repeating the words her creepy lawyer taught her say. “Here’s what happened…I signed some papers, I got served, and I went to prison.”
    I want to bring back Danielle to interview her.
    “Pay attention, Puleeeese….There has to more…41 counts of fraud……RESTITUTION WHORE!”

  8. I bet the show is going to be interesting this season. Different to say the least. I couldn’t care any less whether Theresa gets on her knees and says what she did or not. What difference does it make? I do believe she won’t say it because if she did it would mean she thinks Joe committed a crime also, and her words would be in quotes and used again and again. And for anyone who doesn’t think that’s true, look how many stories are here in one day. And the posts here are practically a mimic of the ones a year ago. They could be copied and pasted they are so much alike. Talking about her “taking responsibility” Why does it matter what she says now. Rhetorical question. She spent the same amount of prison time. She will send the rest of her life being reminded of it all. Her husband, who she has stood by, will be gone for 6 years. I know, I know, it doesn’t make her innocent. I personally never thought it did. I do think, however, that the Real Estate Attorneys whose John Hancock’s are on all the fraudulent loan docs didn’t say to her ” this is a crime.”

  9. They had been defrauding the government for years long before they came on the show BOTH of them filled out paperwork with fraudulent information, finally get caught then play dumb and blame lawyers. Obviously she could care less about what she did she won’t admit to anything still playing the blame game. I keep hearing everyone deserves a 2ond chance but how do you do that when the person continues to lie and play dumb, no lesson was learned except maybe a better way to defraud without getting caught!!

  10. Why is there so much Teresa news, and hardly any RHOBH stuff 🙁 Teresa news get so little comments, the RHOBH stories get loads.

  11. I asked that earlier I would much rather have a RHBH blog, lots to talk about on last nights episode, all we get is 1 story !!!!

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