Teresa Giudice Shares Intimate Prison Details


Teresa Giudice says Orange is the New Black has nothing on what actually happens inside the prision she spent most of 2015 in.

In Teresa’s new book she says that women would become “gay for the stay,” as well as would trade sex for commissary money.

RadarOnline obtained a preview of the book where Giudice talks about how there were plenty of shower activities. “I could see two women … writhing around … I cannot believe this is happening!”

Teresa says there was so much sex happening that the prison has earned the nickname the Boom Boom Room.

Teresa says she didn’t participate in any intimate activities. Teresa says she had the nickname “Hollywood.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Shares Intimate Prison Details”

  1. I will read the book and so far it’s doing really well in pre release orders so good for her. I hope it makes lots of money so she can clear her debts more quickly!

  2. This woman is a convicted their and we all suffer with paying her debt! Why give her more money. Shut her down she is scum. Almost as bad a the people that perpetually are unemployed or stay on welfare for life.

    1. Let me see, one difference is Theresa is working, opposite of unemployed. She is paying off her debts (and Joe’s) so opposite of those who stay on welfare. She won’t be monitored at all soon, so opposite of imprisoned. Why is it anything like lazy welfare addicted bums? It isn’t.

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