Teresa Giudice Sends Video Message to Her Fans


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is thanking fans for their support and well wishes as she just returned home from serving almost a year in prison at FCI Danbury in Connecticut.

“Hi everyone, I’m back! I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year,” Teresa said in an exclusive video message to The Daily Dish. “It’s gonna be a great 2016. Love, love, love you all.”

Watch the video below.

Teresa will remain on home confinement in her home with an electronic monitoring bracelet until February 5th per the terms of her sentencing.

Photo Credit: Bravo


29 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Sends Video Message to Her Fans”

    1. Totally. She looks horrid. That’s what people looks like that has to give up Botox cold turkey when they have to go into the slammer I take it. Too ignorant to realize her face would look normal if she never did it to begin with

    1. Aunt Bee, You are right it isn’t a flattering picture at all, I’m not sure what has happened. She is such a pretty woman in real life. We all have photos at times when we don’t look our best. She has been locked up for a year. Luckily others have been good! A very happy new year to you Aunt Bee, I hope 2016 is a much healthier happier new year for you and yours! Xoxoxo

    2. No it’s not an ugly comment. Her living her life on looks, status and money landed her in the slammer. Not to mention the millions they stole from people with her pleading ignorant. So she looks like crap because she hasn’t had a years worth of Botox is NOT an ugly comment. She would look much better if she never started that crap. She disgusts me

  1. I actually this is a great PR move and someone gave her good advice ! She’s been criticized for being delusional and unremorseful and coming out without makeup is a way to humble herself and be more authentic. I can’t stand the woman, but this is actually a smart move in my opinion

  2. Great 2016 huh, your husband is going to Jail…
    As far as her looks, that’s o natural.. no injections. Definitely looks “older”.

  3. Looks like she has been crying a lot, I feel she’s suffered enough, time to move on, stop the hate. To New Beginnings 2016 Thank God I have a heart…

    1. Marcy, there’s no ‘hate’ ! Come on 🙂 we all have our favorite HW and those that we can’t stand . It’s nothing diabolical . Plus you can’t tell people when to move on or to forgive , that’s a personal thing . I certainly don’t wish her harm ! Happy new year xoxo

  4. It’s not hate, it’s called honesty. Not surprisingly, she looks like she’s aged 15 years. But that’s what happens when you embezzle, lie and cheat the government and then get caught. You go to jail. At least you should go to jail. God knows how many others are out there floating around that never got caught. Like all those slimy mortgage brokers.

  5. That’s a weird photo. But I have always thought Theresa was a pretty woman, with or without make-up. She usually photographs well, I think that is a video still. Anyway, for some reason I can never watch any vid’s here or on Bravo.com, they just won’t play on my laptop. Oh, well. Happy 2016 Theresa.

  6. It looks to me like she has been crying, and hasn’t had much sleep (naturally!) in addition to missing a few ‘treatments’…somehow I feel some sympathy for her. We’ll see how much she has really learned in the coming months…..

  7. Smh at people still hating on her after she did her time. Happy to see Teresa being optimistic! I only watch Atlanta now but I’ll definitely be watching Jersey when it comes back. Love you Teresa!

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