Teresa Giudice Is Scared Of Joe Gorga’s Temper


As we previously reported, Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gabriella celebrated her 9th birthday over the weekend, and RealityTea is reporting that even though Melissa Gorga was present, Joe Gorga did not attend his niece’s birthday. “Of course, Teresa was upset. Melissa did attend, Gabriella is her godchild,” the site’s source reveals.

RT’s source also elaborates on a topic that was brought up during the RHONJ reunion… Joe Gorga’s temper and whether or not he should attend anger management. “Andy brought up a good point about anger management. Joe is known to fly off the handle. He has a horrible temper.Teresa has gotten to the point she is scared to even talk to him,” the insider shares. “When it’s all said and done, no matter who said what, who did what, who went where and why, the bottom line is that Joe and Melissa went on the show with the INTENT to harm Teresa. Joe and Melissa play victim but, they CHOSE to come on the show and use RHONJ as their platform to get back at Teresa.”

The source continues, “For 3 seasons everyone has watched them play victim. Teresa and her family are so over it,” RT’s source adds. “They need Teresa to be the center of all the drama. They need to make Teresa look like the bad one. They set it up to be that way. They know she is the most popular so she is the mecca of the show.”

Photo Credit: Twitter