Teresa Giudice Says She & Joe Are NOT Having Another Baby! Contemplating Getting Her Tubes Tied!

Teresa Giudice

Life & Style Magazine reported that Teresa and Joe Giudice were thinking about having a fifth child, and hoping for a baby boy, now Teresa is now telling Wetpaint Entertainment she is going to have her tubes tied. On February 7th, Teresa told Wetpaint it was only a joke and there are no more babies in her future.  “It’s not happening, the shop is totally closed. I’m looking into tying my tubes!” Teresa explained.

In fact, Teresa seems perfectly happy with her family exactly the way it is. “I have four beautiful, healthy daughters and I’m good with that,” she says. “No boys! Joe would love a boy, but it’s not happening!”

Do YOU think Joe and Teresa should have another baby?

Photo Credit: Everett


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