Teresa Giudice Says Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri Disgraced Their Family


Teresa Giudice has made her feelings about her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri clear on this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and in a new interview, Giudice reveals she doesn’t see herself patching things up with her family anytime soon.

“Yeah it’s hard because it’s sad that people, that your family, come on the show and do things and do nasty things for money and fame,” she told The Daily Dish. “No, never [do we talk],” she said, adding that Rosie and Kathy are all “about the money and it’s all about the fame.”

Teresa adds that she’s “over it now” and doesn’t want to get dragged into the family drama. “I’m not making them make our family look like fools like we already did,” she said. “We’ve already looked like fools. They put our family through the mud, it’s disgraceful. And I’m over it and I’m not doing it anymore… You should tell Kathy and Rosie I’m still waiting for my thank you card.”

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  • Suze☕️

    I can’t imagine for a minute why she would even consider talking to Kathy and Rosie again I certainly wouldn’t. Horrible horrible women.

    • Charlotte

      Wait… Teresa says Kathy and Rosie disgraced the family?!
      I would think that lying and defrauding people and going to prison for your illegal acts is a lot more disgraceful to your family then perhaps a few perceived insulting comments. Which you yourself Teresa were openly spewing .
      Kathy and Rosie are the class acts within the family. Perhaps Teresa should take a page from their book!

      • missrox

        I agree And I disagree with you Suze you are way off on this 1
        when Teresa was done with Kathy it was when baby audrianna was left unattended Teresa was more worried about Joe than getting the kids out of the area

      • YoYo’sRobe

        You got that right Charlotte!! Good post

      • Amy

        YES Charlotte!

      • moriah

        You are so right Charlotte. Teresa is the one who dragged her family through the mud. She is so great at blaming someone else for what she does and taking no responsibility for her actions. She and her husband Joe are the ones who did nasty things for money not Rosie and Kathy.

        • Nancy

          I so agree! I would rather watch Kathy and Rosie than Teresa. That is why I do not watch anymore

    • vanonna

      Good morning Suze! Happy Friday to you. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your brother!

      • Suze☕️

        Hi Vanonna, I had a fantastic time with them thank you! I just wish they could have stayed longer. Xoxoxox

        • vanonna

          That is wonderful. Yes I agree visits go by too quick!

    • Joan Englefield

      Wait, Teresa disgraced the family; she’s the one who went to prison~not Kathy or Rosie. And she didn’t get what she deserved; she should still be in prison for years to come.

  • vanonna

    In my opinion they are all disgraceful to call themselves family. Melissa did the same thing. I remember Teresa was mad at her for that too. They’ve all done this for fame and money.
    But the biggest disgrace to the family is Teresa and Joe – the convicted felons for defrauding millions of dollars and lying.

    • Amy

      Nailed it Vanonna!!

  • OH please. Always playing the victim. Why does she always conveniently forget the things she has said to hurt people as well? Pot calling the kettle black. Grow up and take some accountability! Tre also said hurtful things about Kathy and Rosie’s father….so over her! She can forgive prostitution whore and Melissa but not Kat and Rosie?

  • apple

    Rosie and Kathy disgraced their family?
    But the felon, who signed and submitted falsified documents, claiming she made a six figure salary working jobs that she had never worked in her life and who then tried to claim bankruptcy to relieve herself of the responsibility to pay back the 12+ million dollars she borrowed to live a life she could not afford … she is the one who has been wronged?
    I’ll tell you what. My family can show up anywhere I am…including on a reality TV show. We are definitely not perfect, but we are also not criminals and have nothing to hide.
    This is just ridiculous.

    • vanonna

      Amen Apple – but you’d never be on RHONJ since Bravo condones that.

  • Geminigirl

    I’d rather have a felon like Teresa in my family then Richie Wakilie. That man is a smarmy douche of levels I didn’t realize existed before him. Eck.

  • vanonna

    I also think it goes back to when Kathy’s Mom said something about Teresa’s dad, but I don’t recall it exactly. I wonder if they speak? It may have carried over into the next generation.

  • Tammy

    I’m not sure exactly which surprises me more, Teresa’s lack of intelligence or the people that stand behind her! It’s beyond infuriating. It’s all about revenge and trying to make herself out to be something she isn’t. The fact that Bravo even has her back is mind boggling to me. She has been outed several times and caught in blatant lies and I guess in some people’s eyes that’s normal. I would never be friend her in a million years and thought maybe Melissa was a decent person, but this season she proved me wrong.. she’ll do anything to keep her family together, even if that means turning her back on her cousins and the people that had her back.. Jac! I wouldn’t miss either one of them if they left!!!

    • vanonna

      I think Melissa is trying to stay in Teresa’s good graces so she can stay on the show and collect her paycheck. She’s definitely kissing her butt! Teresa is playing the game with Melissa too.

    • moriah

      It really is infuriating Tammy. It’s like being in Alice in Wonderland. 🙂

  • One Rotten Egg

    Everything has already been brought up by these comments regarding who disgraces whom… I will also add the C you Next Tuesday comment husband Joe made to his “work buddy” about his own wife on National TV, those unruly disrespectful kids behaving badly, Gorgas and Guidices, and those sex scenes in bathtub, shower, and yoga mat aren’t disgraceful?

  • Janice

    Rosie and Kathy are all about $$$$$??!! Who ripped off and lied and went to prison over the almighty $?! I can’t watch NJ or OC anymore! Boring!

  • Angeline rogers

    She disgraced her family! Always blaming someone else! Stupid Simian head!

  • Joan Englefield

    And now Teresa is worried about how the children will be affected. Guess what, these two convicted felon parents have already ruined their children’s lives.

  • Anonymous

    WTF did Rosie & Kathy do?!

  • Anonymous

    TEAM TERESA! Teresas family came on the show without having any knowledge. Her family schemed behind her back with the Gorgas to get on the show. As soon as her extended family came on the show they were on a mission to take Teresa down! The Gorgas and the Wakookies are disgraceful, greedy and fame hungry!

    • Anonymous

      How do you know these details? Teresa told you?