Teresa Giudice Says Her Karma Comment Had Nothing To Do With Nicholas’ Autism


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to address the “karma” comment she made, where some people believed she was talking about Jacqueline’s son, Nicholas. Teresa says she does not believe Autism is karma, and says what she was saying came out wrong. Teresa also says it makes her sad that her brother and Melissa still blame her for the cheating rumors.

Teresa writes, “I was really happy after the Milania Hair Care party, because I felt like Penny had put the rumors about me being involved in any Melissa rumors to rest once and for all. Apparently, though, she didn’t. I guess no one could. My brother and Melissa are going to believe whatever they want to believe — even if dead people are telling them! The medium even tells them that there are other people who will meddle in your life and you have to stay strong as a family, just like Dr. V was saying. And still, they don’t believe it. How many people can tell them the same thing? At this point, Jesus himself could come down from Heaven and tell them I have never tried to “bring them down,” and they wouldn’t believe it because they are so desperate to hold on to their hate and anger.

It makes me so sad since he is my brother and they know the truth about me. They know that by constantly accusing me of things in public that some people will believe them because they are my family. Why they keep lying, why they keep believing the worst about ME, I have no idea. I really want to keep my family together especially to set a good example for our kids, but I can’t do it alone. What more can I do? I’m done defending myself. At this point, the rest of my family, my friends, and my fans know me better than my brother and Melissa anyway. All I can do is just keep love, love, loving!

I do want clear up the Karma comment: I meant nothing by it, I certainly wasn’t referring to Jacqueline’s son, and I don’t even believe in Karma. I’m a Catholic, not a Buddhist or energist or whatever. I don’t believe that you should do good things to rack up good points for a later life. I believe you should do good things because that’s what God wants you to do, to be a good person. I don’t think people have bad things happen to them because they did something bad. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Life is a journey and you need to handle everything that’s thrown at you with grace, not superstition. And I certainly don’t think Autism is a punishment! It’s part of Nicholas’ journey, and I believe like Jacqueline has said, that it’s a gift. Being a mom of 4, I would never wish harm on anyone else’s kids or judge them.

What I was trying to say is an Italian phrase that doesn’t really translate well in English. It kind of means that you don’t talk about or worry about other people’s business because you should be worrying about your own. You shouldn’t judge anyone because you don’t know the details of their situation and you’re not supposed to know. I said “Karma” because honestly it was written all over that resort, they even had sweatshirts in the gift shop that said “Karma.” I didn’t mean Karma, because I don’t mean to sit in judgment of other people. It’s not how I live my life, and you’ll see how it all plays out.”

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  1. And …. Teresa is telling the truth, not to defend her. There was nothing to indicate she was talking about Nicolas other than Jacqueline’s insecurities.

    Insecure & self-absorbed people make everything about themselves. I usually see Jac’s tweets and this is what they sound like to me. “Nicolas has Autism – poor ME”

    1. And people that put their foot in their mouth discussing “Karma” getting kids to a women with a child with Autism are not thinking about anybody but themselves, if in fact they didn’t mean it as a dig. I don’t hear Jacqueline say “poor me” ever, but if she did don’t you think she’d have a right to? Nothing is worse than having your child in dire need of something, and you can’t fix it.

      1. Maybe Jacqueline is feeling guilty about her own actions in life and that’s why she took it as Teresa was talking about her kid.
        Jac twisting Teresa’s words… she said her kids….not yours…..

        She did the “poor me” with Ashley also.

        Anyway this too shall pass.

        1. Bedides …. They both are major airheads. Jac should grow up & Tre needs to cover up, she’s a mother of 4 young girls. Okay I’m done lol

          1. Her comment was not directed at Jacqueline at all. Theresa said “My Girls”. She never said your kids.

            I am the mother of an autistic daughter, so I know the pain first hand of not being able to get the services my daughter NEEDS. Jacqueline is too sensitive, which is completely expected, but for her to go on about this is ridiculous. When she saw the episode air and heard that she said “My girls”, she should have recanted.

            1. So I guess that means that Teresa’s comment meant that Karma only applied to her? She talks out of her butt all the time, since later she said she doesn’t believe in Karma. Then why bring it up at all?

  2. As a military wife of 21 yrs, the excuse Briana keeps using for Ryan’s behavior is BS!
    Being deployed and the military ARE NOT the reason he acted that way. Acting that way is a personality trait NOT a Military trait!!! The Military community that I live around is appalled by his actions. Completely APPALLED!!!
    Everyone I know in the military has said if they were there that night they would have come to Lydia’s mother’s defense.
    Shame on them for blaming the military. If the military is making him behave this way then obviously he needs to be discharged ! Stop trying to make people believe the military ” does this to them”
    You are making our Honorable men and women look like crazed idiots like he acted on that night. In 21 yrs I have not met one member who would treat a lady that way. First she blames Bravo EDITING now Our Military did it. No Ma’am, your husband is a abusive bully . The blame is on him and no where else.
    It’s a good thing you where living at your Mom’s and not on base. Had this happened on base, the base police would have hauled his but to jail.

  3. Sorry my last comment was suppose to be to Briana’s statement as to why she lives with her Mom. I’m not sure how it ended up here

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