Teresa Giudice Says Caroline Manzo Is NOT Her Friend & Comments On Jacqueline Laurita’s Plastic Surgery!


Teresa Giudice appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa answered viewer phone calls and tweets and after Andy showed a clip of next week’s episode, she revealed she and Caroline Manzo are “not friends,” but that the two have an “understanding.” Teresa added “I don’t want to be friends with her and she doesn’t want to be friends with me,” and Andy teased the two have a very interesting dynamic in the new Season!

Teresa also said she would not bash her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, when Andy asked for her response on the RHONJ WWHL Special where Melissa said Teresa was vain and said she purposely hurts people.

When Andy asked what Teresa thought of Jacqueline Laurita’s recent plastic surgery, Teresa said Jacqueline “looks great,” but she didn’t think she needed any work done. However, she supports Jacqueline’s plastic surgery, because she thinks she obviously had some insecurities with her body.

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5 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Says Caroline Manzo Is NOT Her Friend & Comments On Jacqueline Laurita’s Plastic Surgery!”

  1. MeGo is so stupid. You just know she is pissed that Tre may get her own show-now how the hell can these disgusting family leeches ruin that? They will be relentless now in mag interviews, etc., putting Tre down in hopes she will fail to get her show. This HO never gets it. Her jealousy and ignorance are just not capable of any growth or realization that she and her ugly husband do not have what it takes. I can’t wait till these season is over and we no longer have to hear about this crap. Tre did just fine without these users and will again. This show will never survive without Tre-and they should be planning a way to work if the plug is pulled….the dumbasses.

  2. Teresa is the one to talk about insecurities. Didn’t she get a boob job in season 1 to actually be relevant for an episode or two?

  3. All of them have insecurities because all had some type of surgery. Dina-breast, Danielle-breast, Teresa-breast, Caroline-weight loss surgery, Lauren-weight loss surgery, Melissa-multiple nose job, chin, lip, breast, Jac-neck, lipo, botox, restiline, breast(?)

  4. I used to think that Teresa is from hell but having heard some of the back story from melissa i can see why Teresa is overprotective of her brother but whats done is done and the best thing she can do is try to squash the upheaval she started by digging into melissa’s past causing ppl like kim d who want to be on the show to continue to press the issues. teresa surrounds herself with too much negative energy. especially her husband. he knows she is a wacko and he adds fuel to the fire by continuously reminding her of how her bro and his wife are jerks. if i were melissa i would not want my kid around her kids either. its very evident teresa and her husband are constantly saying bad things about melissa in front of and to their kids, to the point where gia totally believes melissa hates them and the other one is “imitating” melissa on a stripper pole. they will certainly ask antonia about her mom or mention it to hurt her feelings if the girls ever had a kiddie fight. why not and theyre bold enough to mention it in front of melissa and a bunch of other grown ups

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