Teresa Giudice Reveals Why She Reached Out To Danielle Staub


Teresa Giudice shocked many RHONJ viewers this week when she posted a photo of herself doing yoga with her former co-star Danielle Staub. Now, she is revealing how she reunited with Staub in a new interview.

“Well actually Andy was the one who got the whole spark going,” Teresa told The Daily Dish. “He asked me about [Danielle] at the reunion, so I DMed her on Twitter and she answered me back, and she said, ‘You want to get together?’ and I said, ‘Do you do yoga?’ and she said, ‘Yes,’ and then we just met at a yoga studio, and we did some yoga together.”

“We talked about a lot. Not too much, because I had to go, but it was good. We aired some stuff out,” Teresa added.

And during their short conversation, did the two end up gossiping about any other Real Housewives Teresa smiles and says, “Maybe…”

Of course that person would probably be their common enemy Jacqueline Laurita. What do you think about Teresa reuniting with Danielle? Would you like to see Danielle return to the show?

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17 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Reveals Why She Reached Out To Danielle Staub”

    1. Well Jac is staying so Danielle was the pawn one of them had to grab, Teresa did first. Good move on her part, cause now Teresa is going to get Danielle back on the show and gang up on Jac. Just watch.

  1. Jac’s is really out there this season but I’m very sick of bringing on people just to gang up on other people. Why can’t we just let this storyline die out instead of brining Staub back on, just to back Teresa up and get her face in the spotlight again. If she wants to come on and be cuckoo like previous seasons, that’s entertainment enough, but (IMO), I don’t want to see another contrived alliance on this franchise. These false alliances fade and don’t last anyway…ie…Kim G, Penny, that red headed chick that hated Melissa, and now Robyn..etc…Wait, actually Kim G fighting with Danielle was pretty funny so I rescind part of my opinion. lol. Suze, I should have left that last line off and posted it on another comment just to argue with myself for fun..hehe

    1. That would have been a good one! I’m sick of most of these programmes I’m just hoping BH will go back to the fun days. I will just have to ignore Rinna and Eileen! I’m not trying to argue with myself again I messed up so much last time!

  2. Teresa reached out for one reason and one reason only the show is slowing rounding the toilet bowl and she thinks if Danielle is brought back that it might save the pitiful NJ franchise. We had Danielle we got her number and of course there is an agenda. So as far as NJ is concerned I won’t watch again, as a matter of face I stopped watching after season 4. Teresa is pulling every string she can to keep her paycheck. Look what happened this season. The best they could find was Doloros and Siggy and I didn’t see anything from either of them that was entertaining at all. I would love to wipe NJ clean and start over. The players need to retire and go away.

  3. Man oh man the ghouls really are coming out this witching season! Danielle Stab is about as scary ass as you can get! I’d rather watch a Vincent Price show all alone in a haunted castle than meet up with that puss in a dark alley for REAL people.

  4. Enough with the criminal element. Andy is really desparate if he wants to bring that POS back on. Glad I don’t watch anymore.

  5. This is just an attempt to save this Housewives series. The fights are so contrived. These women are trying to hold onto their pay checks… Because they desperately need them! Jacquelyn, Theresa and Melissa… It’s out there… They need the $$$. So they battle…. Create drama… So boring! I want to see the rich fabulous lifestyle…. Not the phony boring bickering. If the fights were about something real … Maybe it’d be worth watching. This housewives has run its course… As well as Orange County. None of these bitches would hang out together in their real lives! I’ll only watch Beverly Hills (because they have real $$$) and Lisa Vanderpump. If the stupid fights continue there also for the same reason… Attacking to have a storyline… End it! New York is still watchable … But Dorinda has to go! The anorexic girl has to go. Melbourne is interesting! Still love Atlanta!

    1. Your right Angeline ……..Danielle, Angela, Karen or whatever name she used that day she was arrested and she went to jail. Kidnapping is a biggy. She is such a low life. I don’t really care whether they bring her back or not. I don’t watch this toilet bowl of a show. It’s the SAME ole thing every season. I could care less about the felon Giudices they went from being interesting to down right BORING. Anyway my not watching is because no one was telling the truth and it is always someone else’ fault.

  6. Tre is still on probation and now a picture is all over the place of her meeting with another felon. Why isn’t she picked up?

  7. If Teresa is ok with Danielle then I wouldn’t mind watching their friendship grow on the show! Besides, I cannot stand Wacko Jacko so much that perhaps Bravo will get rid of her!


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