Teresa Giudice Reveals Her New Year’s Resolution


RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is sharing her New Year’s resolution in a new online video with her friend Dina Manzo. As you know by now, Giudice must report to prison on January 5th, but she is still moving forward with her life. “Going forward, I would like to stop eating bad carbs,” she reveals in the video.

Dina likes Teresa’s resolution, but says her “number one thing” to do this year is “simplify” because she has “a lot of stuff.”

Dina also adds that she would like to do “more spontaneous” things in 2015.

Teresa says her next big goal is to “keep the negative out” and surround herself with positive people that make her happy.

“Let’s not let life get in the way and [let’s] spend more time together this year,” Manzo says, who has said she plans to visit Teresa in prison.

“I love that,” Giudice says.

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11 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Reveals Her New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Giving up carbs might be difficult in the clink, and keeping out negative? Prison is for keeping IN the negative. The woman is delusional.

  2. It’s very surreal watching that video and putting it together with the woman that is making it. You would never know she is just days away from entering Federal Prison, or that her husband will follow her with a 3 1/2/ year sentence of his own. It doesn’t seem like she owes $100,000 + in restitution before she starts her sentence and has a 4 Million dollar debt to boot. It’s like she is a Stepford Wife or something- without real emotion or real care in the world. It’s the most damnable thing.

  3. A teresa can be positive about the following: her husband will cheat on her (again), her kids will be affected negatively by their actions (even more so); Malania will continue to misbehave, and Teresa will make new friends–who will learn her art of selling stories.

  4. What about being more honest and stop dodging taxes?…this woman is delusional or simply dumb…she deserves every second she spends in the slammer and more

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