Teresa Giudice Reveals Why She Hasn’t Been to Visit Husband Joe in Prison

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice made headlines when she posted an Instagram photo of her posing with a divorce attorney, but Teresa is now speaking out about that photo.

During an appearance on WWHL, Andy Cohen had many questions for Teresa about that photo, to which she explained, “It was my friend,” Giudice shared with a caller, before sister-in-law Melissa Gorga revealed even more about the night in question in the video above. “That’s my friend. I just introduce her that way [as a divorce attorney].”

“I was helping her, just in case,” Teresa added. “If anybody’s getting divorced, she’s a great divorce attorney to call. Get it? I was helping her. Yes. Capisce? Capsize.”

“I changed the caption because everybody’s like, ‘Oh, you’re getting a divorce?'” she said. “It’s like c’mon. It’s like everybody always thinks the worst.”

Andy also asked Teresa why she hasn’t been to visit her husband Joe in prison for eight months. “I don’t know if it was eight months,” Guidice said. “My mom got sick so I didn’t see him the whole time my mom was sick, those three months. I remember the one day I was going to see him, that’s when my dad got sick, and then I had to turn around and go back. Then there was a chicken pox breakout there, in the prison, so we weren’t allowed to go see him- that was like a whole month. Oh, and then they found contraband from other inmates.”

What are your predictions about Teresa’s marriage?

Photo Credit: Bravo