Teresa Giudice Responds To Governor Chris Christie’s Negative Comments About RHONJ!


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has publicly bashed The Real Housewives of New Jersey, saying, “The Real Housewives is the same way (as Jersey Shore). Those shows are entertainment, and I don’t find them very entertaining, but they’re entertainment for folks. It’s not what New Jersey really is like.”

“What I say to people is watch what they’ve seen in the last seven months on the news shows about the way the people from New Jersey have responded to the storm and how they’ve lifted each other up. They’ve worked hard to help rebuild their state. Those are the real people,” Christie added.

RumorFix reports RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice insists she’s a “real” person from Jersey, telling Mr Housewife, “He [Governor Christie] could come over for dinner and he can see how real we really are!”

Photo Credit: Bravo