Teresa Giudice Responds To Divorce Rumors

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is responding to a report that her marriage with her husband Joe is over.

In the trailer for the new season of RHONJ, Teresa is accused of cheating on her husband while he is away at Fort Dix, continuing to serve a 41-month prison sentence.

An insider told US Weekly that Teresa is keeping herself distracted while Joe is away, as well as her four daughters. “Teresa keeps them busy so they’re distracted,” says an insider. “They have adjusted to life without Dad in the house.”

The insider goes on to speculate, “The marriage may be over.”

“She was coming over every day,” says the source. But after her mother passed away in March, “Teresa’s still standing,” says the source. “She’s learned she doesn’t need Joe.”

The insider continued, “She’s loving her independence. She’s becoming used to being quite free while Joe is away at prison.”

The source added that Teresa is starting to believe cheating rumors about Joe that have been going on for years.  “He’s always said this particular person was just a friend,” says the source, “but now Teresa thinks there’s more to the relationship.”

Giudice responded to this report, and denied her marriage to Joe was over.

“I am not getting divorced. The truth is I miss my husband and cannot wait for him to come home,” she said. “We talk everyday on the phone and I go and see him a few times per month. My daughters miss their daddy just as much as I do. We all love him very much.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • RealSandy

    Well, if what Tre said is true, someone just made some money selling that untrue story to the tabloids…I wonder who it was?
    Do I really care? Not really. I think if she does leave Joe, it would be no great loss, yet, they are so good together…for all the wrong reasons.
    I don’t watch NJ, but I live in the state. Enough said.

    • Rain

      I’m jaded sorry . Guilty!!! I think she planted this story herself . Funny how all these stories come out whenever a new season of a show are about to begin

      • RealSandy


  • Heather

    This is such a bullsh*t article.

  • I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find the cheating rumors to be true about Jo. But, I bet if he does it again after he gets out, and Teresa has waited for him, she will divorce him. She does love him, that is obvious, but she is likely very sick of constantly hearing about the rumor. She is a lot of things, but weak and dependent aren’t 2 of them.