Teresa Giudice Reportedly Worried About Being Exposed For Gossiping


Teresa Giudice has been involved in many cat fights on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now an insider is telling RadarOnline, Teresa has been scrambling to make sure what she’s done behind the scenes doesn’t get out. “Teresa has been running scared lately,” a show insider tells the site. “She has been trying to keep it a secret that she has been the one who is stirring up all the drama and now so many people are turning against her that she’s afraid she’s going to be exposed.”

The source explains Teresa has been trying to hide how she is involved in the daily drama with her family and cast mates. “Teresa is the one who loves getting the gossip and dirt about all of her family and friends and then she repeats it. The other women know that she is the one who is always behind the bad gossip that gets out there,” the source says.

“Teresa’s circle of friends is slowly diminishing and the people who feel like she has used them in the past are now revealing that they said bad things because Teresa encourage them to,” the insider adds.

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8 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Reportedly Worried About Being Exposed For Gossiping”

  1. We should have all recognized that all along, she was so obvious. But I’m sure there will be many of her “fans” that won’t believe it no matter what.

    1. There’s one type of person that is her “fan.” Another type of person sees through her.

      The more you are like her, the more likely you are to side with her.

  2. Teresa should be worried about the fact she is facing charges. Of course, given her back-stabbing personality, she won’t have any friends to lean on for support. But she caused that.

  3. There have been so many stories about Teresa scared how she is looking this season etc etc… She’s coming off the best she has ever had on the show this season. I would accept these stories the last two season where she actual was poorly edited to look like a villian but this season she is the one people are sympathising with. People are finally seeing the real Melissa this season and all these negative stories are clearly from people in the Melissa camp so that the audience dont forget how “horrible” Tre really is. Classic deflecting tricks just like all the Gorgas talking heads. Ugh. When will they stop crucifying this woman (Teresa)? Things were back on track and now Melissa can’t handle her bad image on the show and is trashing Tre and her family in the blogs… when things were finally good? Why? Because she needs to be the fan favorite and the victim, they love being the victim with is why neither her or her husband have bothered visitng their sister and brother inlaw after all this drama (court) has happened! Because its not about them and they purely don’t care, only for camera… theyre prob happy because this means with Tre out of the picture Melissa can become he star of the show. Uggh. Sigh… Can’t we all just get along?! Things were good!

    1. Are you kidding?!?! They’ve stolen, cheated, lied so tell me WHO should want to hang out with them? And within a day of being indicted Teresa and Juicy “insiders” are telling the press that Juicy is more like a son to Teresa’s parents than their own son? That’s supposedly cool?

  4. I know it’s the admin’s job to report even if it’s from Radar, but it’s so friggin obvious who their sources are.

  5. Nice painted on make-up. Who did it? Bozo the clown. Teresa fire your damn MUA. HE is making you look old as hell with the heavy hand and obvious inexperience.

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