Teresa Giudice Reportedly Desperate For A Bravo Contract Given Financial Situation


As we previously reported the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently negotiating their season 6 contracts, and RadarOnline is reporting Teresa Giudice is desperate for money given the Giudices current financial situation, and that she is counting on a big contract from Bravo. “Teresa is desperate for money,” a source tells Radar.

“Being on the show is her major source of income and she really needs to have another season of the show start as soon as possible so that she can get more money. She and Joe are in such dire financial straits and they are doing everything they can to get money. RHONJ is a cash cow for them and she is ready to go again,” the insider shares.

Even though Bravo’s editing doesn’t always favor Teresa, the source insists she doesn’t care. “Teresa is the most loyal out of everyone to Bravo and she needs to stay on their good sign so she can get another contract out of them,” the source adds.

The Giudice’s trial date for 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion has been pushed back to 2014, but according to the insider that doesn’t stop Teresa from worrying. “Teresa is scared to death of financial ruin and the court case. She is doing everything she can to provide for her family and she needs a new Bravo deal,” the insider concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo