Teresa Giudice Reportedly Desperate For A Bravo Contract Given Financial Situation


As we previously reported the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently negotiating their season 6 contracts, and RadarOnline is reporting Teresa Giudice is desperate for money given the Giudices current financial situation, and that she is counting on a big contract from Bravo. “Teresa is desperate for money,” a source tells Radar.

“Being on the show is her major source of income and she really needs to have another season of the show start as soon as possible so that she can get more money. She and Joe are in such dire financial straits and they are doing everything they can to get money. RHONJ is a cash cow for them and she is ready to go again,” the insider shares.

Even though Bravo’s editing doesn’t always favor Teresa, the source insists she doesn’t care. “Teresa is the most loyal out of everyone to Bravo and she needs to stay on their good sign so she can get another contract out of them,” the source adds.

The Giudice’s trial date for 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion has been pushed back to 2014, but according to the insider that doesn’t stop Teresa from worrying. “Teresa is scared to death of financial ruin and the court case. She is doing everything she can to provide for her family and she needs a new Bravo deal,” the insider concludes.

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  • angelia

    I hope Bravo finds someway to help her!

  • italian lover

    wonder if melissa planted this story. without teresa on houswives, there is no reason to keep her and poison joe. kathy, caroline, and wacko will be gone, so bravo can get rid of her too

  • RHO Norm’s

    I hope Theresa aims high, please send that out to her. 1.5 or negotiate to 1.1-1.2 mil. Theresa can do it. All the other housewives are leaving. And BESIDES this happens to be the most controversial thing to happen to any of the franchises!!! Why not milk it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People ask yourself…. Would your employer keep you employed if you were facing a 39 count indictment fro fraud and theift? Mine sure as hell wouldn’t! Their stance would be get your legal troubles worked out and you are welcome to come back to work. Until then, good luck!
    Did Paula Deans “employers” give her a break for something she said 30 years ago?? HELL NO THEY DIDN’T!! Teresa and Joe have STOLEN enough from the tax payers of the United States!!! Why the hell would Bravo pay Teresa!!!
    BOYCOT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! She has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. Why should we support a criminal!

    • Trixie

      Becasue it’s HOLLYWOOD!!

    • Beth

      I agree with you. This felon is not worth watching I am boycotting Bravo if she returns she knows how to take money she can go back to cheating ppl, banks even the IRS and lies she claimed to be a Realtor to attain a loan! If she gets rewarded by bravo that means her superior attitude will be even larger. May they both be deported, go cheat your own ppl in Italy, we don’t need ppl like them in the USA much less on tv

  • ibeme

    in part, bravo helped to create this mess, then they showcased the mess. now, the “righteous” thing to do would be for bravo to allow teresa and joe and her kids to stay employed by them so that they can help clean up this mess.

    • Anonymous


  • jersey shore mom

    i really believe after all i read,alot of this will be thrown out,since i’m not a judge or lawyer,i’m not going to judge her. there are four children and her parents to be taken care of, so let her work.

  • Anonymous

    ireeme you are an IDIOT!!!! I HATE that I share that same air with a dumbass like you!!!
    Do you really think Bravo held Teresa and Joes hands and walked them through the process of how to defraud the banks? Did Bravo tell give them intensive training of how to lie and cheat?? Or possibly Bravo instructed Joe in how to obtain an DL with his brother ID. If you believe that Bravo is the reason for their problems then you are really too stupid to be a contributing member of society and are probably as low down as Teresa and Joe!

    • jersey shore mom

      hey irene either kathy, messy or her sisters don’t like you. you hit a nerve sticking up for our teresa lol. we got rid of kathy, now messy is next. her sisters want to come on houswives lol, but bravo doesn’t want them. hoping teresa and joe are cleared too

  • Anonymous

    Lady unless you are on the Bravo payroll you haven’t gotten rid of shit! You sound like you are as much of a narcosis as Teresa! Bravo will be making a mistake if they keep Teresa employed, people will start boycotting the advertisers.

    • jersey shore mom

      teresa is the most popular housewivesout of all the shows,andy won;t get rid of his meal ticket. she is the one who draws the crowd

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she draws crowds alright. Crowds of FBI Agents with pretty little indictments!! I can’t wait to see them haul her sorry ass off to jail!! That could be a last litte money maker for Teresa, Joe and Bravo. They can air her being placed into cuffs and placed in the back of the van to be driven to prison! Put that shit on pay per view and make a $$million$$. I would pay to see it!