Teresa Giudice Is Relieved Not To Have Jacqueline and Kim D In Her Life Anymore


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog to share her thoughts about last week’s episode of the RHONJ. Giudice reacts to what Kim D said about her husband Joe’s alleged infidelities while she was away and says she doesn’t need people like Jacqueline and Kim in her life anymore.

“I am so glad that the episode ended with me and Dolores going to church and praying, because prayers have gotten me through so much. Prayers are what we all need after everything that has happened in this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Dolores asked Jacqueline point blank if she was done with her relationship with me, and she said yes. She said she was done with Melissa, too.

Truth be told, that was a relief to hear. I don’t want her in my life anymore because she is too toxic and too negative and has caused me too many problems over the years. I don’t need it and Melissa doesn’t need it.

When I saw Siggy say that she has never seen that side of Jacqueline before, I laughed because I have! Too many times!

I’ve said this many times before — I just want peace in my life, that’s all. I have too much going on and don’t have the energy for someone like Jacqueline anymore. I wish her and her family well. But I’m done, too.

I’m also done with Kim D. After seeing her stir the pot at her fashion show again? I always gave her the benefit of the doubt, but I finally got my answer. I’m glad I got to see her true colors for myself. What bothers me the most is that by saying what she said, she hurts my children. When you have known someone a long time and they do something like that shows how much class they have.

I also thought it was interesting that she decided to bring me and Joe up while she was on camera and at the fashion show.

Why do you have to sit at a fashion show with a bunch of women and talk about me and my husband? Why couldn’t she tell me she heard these things in private – to face? Because she becomes relevant talking about me, that’s why.

Melissa put it perfectly when she said on the show that Kim D. is a s–t stirrer and she’s sick of it. That pretty much sums up how I feel. Again, I don’t want toxic. I don’t want negative. I want peace.

One of the nicest parts of this episode was when they showed me and my brother having lunch together, just the two of us. We were best friends growing up and always had so much fun. I’m glad he and I were able to. It really touched me when he said that he that whatever we needed would when Joe went away, he would be there for us.”

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Is Relieved Not To Have Jacqueline and Kim D In Her Life Anymore”

  1. I hear Teresa loud & clear. Kim D is totally bad news & Jacqueline is All packed for the crazy house. Who would want that pair in their lives. Run for the hills Teresa.

  2. Tre loved Kim D. When she helped try to take her air-headed now best friend (phony) MeMe the messy down. Just another LiarFace

  3. Good on Tre, I would never want Toxic Jacolush in my life either! As I have said many times. I wish they would get rid of her but I can’t see Bravo doing it! There is one like her in every HW show, Rinna, Kelly, the twirly one in ATL but I can’t remember her name. Good riddance to Jac and Kim D they suit each other briefly.

  4. I was just watching the fire pit exchange in Vermont between Robyn and Jaqueline. Jaqueline started it, plain and simple, by calling Robyn one of Theresa’s “soldiers.” Then, when Robyn asks for someone to get Theresa, she says “why is she trying to get Theresa out here?’ Well, following that train of thought, why did she call Jo Gorga when her and Theresa were first talking, and then try to call Kim D. during the disagreement at the table? So, she accused Robyn of the exact thing she herself does.
    She obsessively cries like a baby when speaking of her “bond and long time friendship” with Theresa, and in the next moment isn’t mature enough to remember why they went to Vermont in the first place, for Theresa. That is why Melissa, who BTW I have now surprised myself by liking, planned it. Apparently, Jaqueline’s petty BS with Robyn is more important. Just like she believes everything about herself is more important than anyone or anything else. She should have sucked it up, LIKE AN ADULT, said she shouldn’t have sat on Robyn’s lap, said she was sorry, how stupid that was, promised to say so to Robyn, and laughed it off so they could have DINNER, which is why they all were there, to eat. But NO!!! She has to ratchet it up to a screaming match between her and Melissa, ( oh, right, she not jealous..another load of BS ) Bringing up stuff form YEARS ago for one reason. What possible purpose could that serve besides causing trouble between Theresa and Melissa? None, that was her plan, and I am so happy to see it FAILED MISERABLY.
    I have someone in my family like her, and I never knew what was coming next. Everything could be calm and normal, then, BOOM, for some unknown reason, unknown in the moment to me anyway, ( well, I never could figure out what reminded her of it ) an argument started. It usually, just like this in the show, was about something from years ago, that nothing can be done about. My sister was the queen of this way of life. She would bring up this misunderstanding about a quilt she said she wanted of my Mom’s, after Mother died, that she then said she didn’t really want. Instead of saying right then, 15 years before, that she misspoke, she takes the quilt, which was a beautiful quilt that Nana, my Mom’s Mom made, on an old fashioned quilt frame, quilted by HAND! ( Nana made hand made quilts all of her life, and each of my girls have a Wedding quilt she made for them with their names embroidered on the top, the date and her own name! ) Then, for years, and I kid you not, she speaks of it as though we tried to keep her from getting some memento she really wanted. Always the martyr. Just watching Jaqueline brings back those negative memories, like losing our Mom, and Nana losing her Daughter wasn’t enough. Like Jaqueline, always about herself, no one else.
    Jaqueline needs help, for real. One big thing she needs to realize is that she has TWO sons, not one. Her husband, naturally I wouldn’t expect less, in public is on her side. In private, he should tell her the truth.

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