Teresa Giudice Questions Whether She Ever Knew Jacqueline Laurita At All


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog to talk about the trip to Vermont on this week’s episode of RHONJ. Giudice blames Jacqueline Laurita for the drama and questions whether she ever knew Jacqueline at all due to her behavior on the trip.

“When I said yes to going to Vermont, I really thought it would be a relaxing trip. But all we had was drama, drama and more drama!

(I felt bad for Siggy, who is not used to dealing with all these Jersey fireworks! Even when we’re not in Jersey!)

Before we went away, Jacqueline and I had made up and were getting along. I was happy about that. But everything that happened with her on this episode made me start to question her again. Whenever there was drama on this episode, Jacqueline was involved.

She started stirring the pot when she called Kathy and Rosie to find out what happened when we met to talk things over — with Siggy and Dolores sitting right there. Really? Why is she so interested in issues I am having with my family?

On our lonnnng bus ride to the spa, Jacqueline started going on and on about my meeting with Kathy and Rosie -– again! She said she didn’t think I was clear enough with them about the future of our relationship. I mean, why does she care? She also got into it with Robyn on the bus ride. As Jacqueline sat there arguing with Robyn, I was thinking, “What is going on with her?”

Of course, the sh– hit the fan when Jacqueline called Robyn one of my “soldiers.” I wasn’t there when those two began arguing, so I don’t know exactly what happened, just what I saw in the episode.

But first, I want to say Robyn isn’t my “soldier.” That’s ridiculous. She is a grown woman who can do and say whatever she likes. I would never even think to call any of my friends “soldiers.” I think Jacqueline wants soldiers of her own and that’s why she said that.

So of course, Robyn got mad and said she wanted to “rage” on Jacqueline’s ass, which led Jacqueline to yell at her to “rage on my ass” before going and sitting on her!

It went downhill from there. I was just glad I wasn’t out there when all these fireworks were going off.

When everyone came back inside, I tried to be the peacekeeper and tell everyone to just stop. I stayed calm when Jacqueline kept yelling for me to take the garbage out, meaning Robyn. I told her I was heading back to our suite with them…I just wanted peace!

I understand that Robyn got mad, but what she did wasn’t right. But Jacqueline didn’t stop either. She just kept pushing Robyn’s buttons.

All I can say is that I saw sides of Jacqueline that I never have before, which makes me wonder if I even know who she really is.

And if you thought this week was crazy? Just wait ’til next week! Fasten your seatbelts, guys!

On a happier note, I loved watching Joe with the girls while I was away. (Although I wasn’t happy that Milania said she was going to kick her dad “where the sun don’t shine.” Where does she get this stuff?)

A few episodes back, Joe had a bad week. His worst one ever. He was grumpy and snapping at me and the girls because he was stressing out over leaving us. So it was good to see him in a better place on this week’s episode.”

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19 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Questions Whether She Ever Knew Jacqueline Laurita At All”

  1. At this point, Jacqueline is here to make money and cause a ruckus. She has no intention of being friends with anyone and anyone she’s friendly with is really just an ally. She’s trying to secure her spot and paycheck on her show the same way she always has: going after Teresa and anyone who is close to her. She seems happy being the antagonist.
    Jacqueline = Kenya to me

  2. Jacqueline and Chris must really be in a deep hole financially, because it’s clear Jacqueline is trying to stay relevant on the show, presumably for the paycheck. She is positively desperate.

  3. Why is Jacqueline getting all the blame?
    Robyn is a SOLIDER in the Teresa Reserves. Robyn came out of left field with some B.S. issues with Jac. ” Jac. Doesn’t speak directly to people….”
    Come on? Really.?

    As far as Jacqueline talking to both Kathy,& Rosie; Isn’t that what real friends do?

    I’m not saying Jacqueline doesn’t have issues, but Teresa’ s pseudo- dramatic ” …If I even know who Jacqueline really is.?” statement. Teresa, u know Jac. Stop with the dramatics.

    1. I tend to agree on this one. I do think Jac’s dramatics have been over the top this season but in my own opinion, Theresa, Melissa and this chick Robyn have either given it right back or already been involved. I do believe that Siggy and Delores are real friends but what the hell…who knows the true story to any of these housewife shows 😀

    1. So far I love this season of Below Deck. I can watch Kelly with his shirt off ALL DAY!! I also loved the episode with the dog..so cute. Trevor is fulfilling his role as the tool bag of the crew. EVERY season, they have one that took a job that they don’t want (probably just to get on the show) and then they cause ridiculous drama because of it..and I love it!! haha. He is right up there with that one deck hand, ( think it was Andrew maybe?), when it comes to making a drunken fool of himself. And he also reminds me of Bryan on the Med below deck, with the aggressive drunkenness.

        1. Yes he does. I love his dry sense of humor. When he talked about Trevor giving his hand signals and looking like a limp d$$k, I had to rewind and watch again as I laughed so hard 😀

    2. Amy, I finally just watched this week’s episode and I actually had to watch it twice to see if I missed something between Ben & Sierra?? WTF did I miss that made her keep crying and sulking all night? Lol. Was it Bravo editing or was is she delusional to imagine that Ben was that horrible to her? So bizzare. Trevor’s drunken tirade was a joke. As a military member myself, who has been deployed oversees and seen too many flag draped coffins of fallen comrades, I can’t even imagine what Kelly has witnessed in the marines. I give him a thousand kudos for keeping his cool with Trevor and not beating the shit out of him for the disrespectful word vomit that was sphweing from his pathetic, drunken ass!

  4. Wacko Jaco is here for the money! The Lauritas are desperately failing financially and have scammmed lots of money for their own use. No Wacko Jaco is NOT Teresas friend. Wacko Jacos husband is a leech!

  5. Captain Lee is the Stud of the Sea and sounds to me like Teresa has someone to do her dirty work once again. I also read that the season was so boring that they had to go back and Re-shoot to make it more dramatic sounds to me that is true.

  6. Hi everyone. Just a thought…..could Jacqueline be acting this way, as at one point in time, she was probably to some degree Teresa’s confidante? Perhaps she thinks the fact they made up with one another, puts her back to where they were several years ago. I know, I’m probably stretching here. It does appear she is giving Bravo their money’s worth!

  7. Jaqueline confuses me, I have said this about so many bravolebrities everyone might think I see it in everyone, Sheena, Jax, Kelly Bensimon’, but it seems as though Jaqueline is highly medicated. I can’t pin down who she is now, what she is doing, or why she gets angry for no reason at all. It does bother me more every season the way CJ seems to always be on the sidelines wanting in. I hope it is a trick of the way the camera is positioned, but I don’t think so. Does Jaqueline forget that he does sports and other things kids without Autism do? I don’t think I have ever heard her praise him, or have any of his achievements recognized on the show, and if she said it during one of her many breakdowns over Nicholes, we would HEAR IT even if a particular event isn’t aired.
    I forget the name either of the two extra girls who went on the trip, I will have to watch again, but the one with the short hair who was so angry about something. I have no clue what she was even talking about. It seemed weird to me, the entire exchange on the bus. Did that seem odd to anyone else? Hey, maybe I fell asleep for a few minutes, and missed it!! I did miss a couple seasons when the twins were on mostly, but I don’t recall a story or even a rumor about either one of these ladies, hence not even being able to recall their names. Oh well, sigh.

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