Teresa Giudice On Prison Stay: It Was a Living Hell

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice would often refer to prison as “camp,” which confused a lot of fans and viewers. In Teresa’s new book Standing Strong, she’s sharing why that word made the situation better.

Teresa starts off by saying in an explaining from her new book, on The Daily Dish. “Let’s get one thing straight, I didn’t go to camp, I went to prison, the big house, the clank, the pokey.” Teresa added, “I know I have referred it to camp in the past, but it was nothing like that. It was a living hell, an absolute nightmare.”

Teresa then writes, “Why did I sugar coat it?”, “Do you want the truth?”, Teresa then answers her own questions. “I couldn’t believe I was in prison, that’s right. I still don’t believe it. I thought by saying the word prison that it would somehow validate it. Make it real.”

“It was real. Every second, every minute of every hour, of every day, of every f****ing month, I sat in that horrible place, away from my home, away from my family.” Teresa then added, “Maybe I am superstitious, I know that may sound silly, but camp sounded so much better, so much softer and easier to explain, especially for my little ones.”

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8 Replies to “Teresa Giudice On Prison Stay: It Was a Living Hell”

  1. I get it Tre … just glad the nightmare is over. You should have dumped Joe as soon as you found out what he was up to.

  2. Wasn’t she in some low security thingy for RICO/privileged white-collar crime folks? She should really be thanking her lucky stars she wasn’t in a hard, max prison lock up with hardened, violent criminals and Pornstache Guards blackmailing her to run drugs or engage in sexual reations. I’ve read memoirs of prison guards , and have seen the documentaries of life in hardcore facilities…Tre is going to be just fine in comparison to those who go through the system and REALLY come out traumatized without a single part of their lives intact.

    1. I have no sympathy for either one of them. They broke the law financially and they broke it big time. But, as I just read somewhere on this site I believe, she’s such a good mother. She’s a great mother. She put her and her husband’s opulent lifestyle above their daughter’s possibility of living with a felon, a somewhat popular one you might say, for a mother and lucky they were only separated for 15 months (although I think those girls were raised to be the spoiled brats they have always portrayed themselves as, all the while the great mother is smiling at the darling little things (that no parent allows) have a darling old time yelling and crawling all over each other.

  3. Of corse it’s s living hell.. it’s prison! You were away from your husband and children for a year! It’s meant to be punishment not some social club where you get facials and massages! Your problem is you lived an entitled life where there were no consequences and perhaps this helped wake you up to the reality of life..so view it as a “positive, get better thing”! Grow as a person!

  4. She’s got great ghost writers. She has much in common with our president. Orange, dumb, inarticulate, ugly, disingenuous, dishonest, disloyal, the list goes on. Sleep stupid, America, idiot liars are the wave of the future.

  5. It really cracks me up that anyone with a different opinion here are considered by some to be dumb, inarticulate, dishonest, disloyal & on & on & on. I guess we should all have the same exact opinion about politics, people, forgiveness………then it would be the dictatorship it seems some posters crave. Theresa paid for her crime, in a filthy prison. Of course it was to punish her, DUH. Now she has been punished, and paid back ALL OF THE MONEY, with sales AFTER she was released from PRISON, money from her books, appearances etc. I am so glad my own heart is not hardened against forgiveness. That would mean I wouldn’t expect forgiveness for any wrong of my own. what a empty, depleted, depressed, sorrowful, tortured way to live. I truly feel heavyhearted for those who have not the ability to forgive.

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