Teresa Giudice Prison Sentencing To Delay RHONJ Season 6 Premiere?


Teresa Giudice’s prison sentencing is scheduled for July 8th, and RadarOnline is reporting this could delay the premiere of season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Bravo doesn’t have an air date for the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey because of Teresa Giudice’s prison sentencing hearing,” an insider tells the site. “Obviously, Teresa is going to be a key character in the upcoming season, and Bravo wants to maximize her storyline. Having Teresa available to do press interviews, and promotions is essential.”

“Teresa’s legal team absolutely won’t let her do any interviews before the sentencing hearing because it could impact her sentence,” the insider continues. “If Teresa was out doing press interviews promoting RHONJ before the July 8th sentencing, it would look like she wasn’t taking the process seriously…..which she definitely is. After the sentence is handed down, it’s expected Bravo will officially give season six a premiere date.”

Teresa is facing 27 months in prison. while her husband Joe could get 46 months. Bravo executives are “hopeful that Joe will be sent to prison first, and will be ordered to serve time before Teresa’s sentence is served. Teresa is contractually obligated to do press for the show, but the network is working with her because of her legal problems,” the source says. 

Until the sentencing date, “Teresa and Joe will be keeping a very low profile…they are getting ready for the July sentencing date, and just spending time with their family,” the source shared. “Family is everything to Teresa and she is trying to keep things as normal as possible for her daughters.”

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13 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Prison Sentencing To Delay RHONJ Season 6 Premiere?”

  1. It looks like a win win again for that mob-like familia; very little prison time for such a big stack of fraud charges, DUI offenses, driver license fraud, etc…

    Joe Guidice will get a win–he will be away from Teresa and screw anything that moves whether in prison or back in Italy;

    Teresa will get more publicity for her “house arrest” or “camp cupcake” prison term…make money selling her stories, after she gets out (wink/wink)…

    1. By the time she gets out, the world would have moved on and wouldn’t give a rat’s turd about this ape-hairlined loser.

  2. I am a housewives franchise super-fan, however, I ‘d really like to see the Guidices’s off this show after season 6 airs. It’s too much ! They are both crooks and Bravo is condoning their criminal behavior by keeping them on the show!

  3. Bravo shouldn’t let Teresa’s case affect the show. And not be mean but she’s probably going to prison anyway. I don’t want to wait! We don’t need her for promotion. Her fan base has fallen I feel.

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