Teresa Giudice Prepares For Prison


RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is just days away from beginning to serve her 15-month prison sentence and an insider is telling PEOPLE that the rumors that Teresa and her husband Joe are getting divorce are completely false.

“There’s no truth to the rumors. It’s not happening. They’re not getting divorced,” the source tells the mag. “She and Joe are okay. They have a really loving marriage and have been together a long time. She’s known him for her entire life, and he’s been a part of her family circle since she was a young child.”

But the insider says the pressure of Teresa’s prison sentence is taking a toll on the their relationship.

“They are going through a rough time right now,” the source says, adding that Teresa says she doesn’t think that Joe is doing all he can to prepare to take care of their four daughters; Gia, 13, Gabriela, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5.

“Teresa may have to hire someone to help care of the children. I know she is displeased that he is not taking any initiative to learn the girls’ routines,” the insider reveals. “They have a lot of activities. I’m sure his mother will get involved.”

But Teresa has been very forgiving when it comes to her husband Joe.

“She never says anything derogatory about him,” the insider says. “I don’t think she will divorce him. She is in love with him.”

Gia Giudice also took to Twitter this week to speak about what’s to come for her family. “I wish I could rewind time…” the 13-year old wrote. “It’s hitting me now.”


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23 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Prepares For Prison”

  1. It’s probably going to be a bittersweet Christmas for the Giudice’s this Christmas. But I only feel sympathy for the children. God be with them.

    1. Some fools like to depart with their money and probably sending the kids way expensive gifts because they “feel sorry” for them…..meanwhile crackhead mom with 5 babies in cell, while kids live with grandma and have no x-mas….

  2. Teresa and Joe are admitted criminals. They are getting exactly what they deserve. Go to jail and do your time, criminals. How you explain this to your kids is beyond me.

  3. I’m sorry. I can’t get past Milania’s ridiculous pose, trying to look sexy, at what? Age 8? These kids need parents for sure, but I’m not sure they’ll be any worse off with someone else.

      1. None of the three little girls ever look happy or content. I see them exhibit hostility, competitiveness, distrust, anger – it runs the gamut. But there’s never any sweetness or childlike innocence. I’ve never seen any of them support or show any caring even for each other. But then there’s never any parenting going on, either. The father ridicules them, the mother idolizes them, and nobody guides them. But then I don’t think either parent is capable of that.

        1. you see these girls, maybe 5 min a week,.and know everything about them. do you know how dumb that sounds, did you ever work with them or even meet them? no. but you are a know it all,who thinks she;s a dr phil

          1. You make me laugh, Lucille. You know nothing about me except for a few comments, but you’re quick to psychoanalyze me! Are you Dr. Phil, too? If EVERY time I see a kid interact with an adult she’s calling them names, or calling them crude names, or just screeching snotty comments and inappropriate names at parents, siblings and even adults she hardly knows (hairdressers and BRAVO staff), I think I can safely say she’s a brat. If she has charming moments off camera it does nothing to nullify what I have seen her do or how I see her parents let her get away with it. Now, if you’ve seen what I’ve seen and still think the kid isn’t a brat, we just have vastly different standards of parenting, and I would politely decline a play date between yours and mine. Merry Christmas, Dr. Phil

    1. I’m not a Miliana fan at all…but I see plenty of 8 year old’s who pose like that, or pose by placing hand on hip, or making sure they move their hair to one side–yet, they don’t even think “sexy”….but you are right–they need parents who were more conscious about values in general.

        1. Actually, Michelle, you are more wrong than It is fredosfault. I so far only listed unchecked behaviors and said that they don’t appear to be happy kids, and I attributed it to some really bad parenting. Having said that, I have no problem calling Malania the biggest brat I’ve ever seen who often needs a swift kick in the ass. Thanks for reminding me to mention it.

  4. Making assumptions about children based on a minimal amount of time is not an accurate indicator of their behaviors. While observing a child’s action may predict their behavior, it is not the only tool used to predict whether a child’s tendencies are good or bad. Obviously, they do not misbehave in school because the media would definitely inform the public. In the end, there is only one judge and I do not want be judged based on assumptions. We should try love, love, love! Good or bad they are still children thriving and learning.

    1. I would love to be a fly on the wall as you tell Melania that God is the only judge, and she calls you a stinky butt crack.

  5. DebBrenn – You come off too angry, relax. Next time the Giudice girls are on your screen, do yourself a favor and CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

  6. Grace, I have opinions, it’s true. But most of what I say is an attempt at repartee with the rest of you for my amusement. The “fly on the wall” comment I made was to be funny. Apparently I was the only one that thought that.

  7. Maybe one of her new friends can show her that posing with your head always tilted – always – gets so very old. Explain in a nic way of course. Then Tre can come home and explain to Gia.

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