Teresa Giudice Prepares For Prison Life


RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is just days away from her turning herself in to begin serving her 15-month prison sentence, but sources say she is remaining positive during her final days at home with her family. The 42 year-old mother of four is clinging on to her four daughters and is even crawling into bed with them so she will “remember their smell” when she’s gone.

“During her cold nights in prison, she wants to be able to close her eyes and pretend she’s with them,” a source told US Weekly, adding that Teresa is determined to stay connected with them while she is away in Connecticut, taking photos and video that she can watch in her “colder” circumstances.

Teresa has reportedly been educating herself on prison survival. Friends claim Giudice finds strip searches terrifying and has been using “everything she can find online” as a guide. Teresa has also been bulking up in preparation for any potential inmate fights. She has been drinking protein shakes religiously, the source says.

The RHONJ star has reportedly packed a gold cross and Bible as necessities for her new life behind bars.

“She just keeps putting one foot in front of the other,” says the insider. “She’s doing her best to stay strong.”

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  1. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time…. Now a bit of advice… when you get to prison it might be in your best interest not to go around saying “I Just Love Love Love” (lots of hand kissing) You may get exactly what you ask for.

  2. It’s just so sad for the children. I hope Her time goes as well as it could. Just wish her husband was doing it first till the smaller ones were a bit older.

  3. 15 months or even 12 months is still a long time when you are little!!!!!! I am not saying she shouldn’t go to prison but felt it should have been after Joe. Is that so bad?

  4. I don’t feel sorry for Teresa, not one bit. But I do feel very badly for the kids. However, they are not the only kids who are forced to live with the bad decisions of thier parents. Luckily they have family and money to help them through and UNLIKE some less fortunate kids, they won’t be thrown into the social service system. Best of luck to the kids.

    1. Agree…these are privileged kids. Mom and dad are convicted felons and still manage to make dough. Auto-tuned daughter gets TV pilot? Spoiled brat younger is treated like a jewel? what is wrong with this picture?

      1. It is clear that the message Teresa and Joe send to their children is that money is of utmost importance, do anything to get it…rob from others by not paying them or paying your taxes that others do pay…the world owes you a living in spite of who gets hurt….going to jail is the lawyer’s fault…etc. Live the high life at others’ expense. They have no remorse for crimes they committed. Do the crime and serve the time is what it should have been…and hopefully se spuds some message, but Tre is going to the Camp, not the prison part, at the low security prison in CT, where Martha Stewart went…much nicer. Hopefully they will make her clean the toilets she “skeeves”. Now they use their daughter to make money for them..,..I have heard it is not just them…but their family has been known, allegedly, to never pay anyone who does work for them, etc…

      2. I am just perplexed about how these two have manipulated everyone. What really baffles me is where does all the families money come from. We know that Tre and Joe stole, lied, and defrauded every business, bank, government agency (taxes). The family (Im guessing Joe’s parents, now his mom) has been giving them money over and over and over. How does Filomena make all this money and how does she have any left. RIght now Tre and Joe have a judgement against them for close to half a million dollars, that is from the courts only. THen they have to pay back 13 million dollars due to bankruptcy fraud. Now all Teresa’s businesses have cancelled their contracts with her due to her fraudulent dealings. So no more Fabellini and she said she never made any money off of it anyway, no more gelato (not sure she sold any of it anyway). Her cruise what a joke that was. So all I see left is the money she makes off the cookbooks. Im sure the profits from that have been drooping over the last couple of years. So she has to go away ( ha ha) and for 15 months she is unable to push those crappy recipes on the world. Joe cant make any money because he has burned ALL his bridges with building supply companies and as a convicted felon he is never going to get a 8-5 job that will pay anything. So the income that was coming in is slowly going away. In the future Im guessing that no bank or respectable company is ever going to give them a loan again so no way they can get money that way. The house payment alone is over 10,000 dollars a month. the utilities cannot be cheap and with the kids activities food, clothing, and just everyday living how are they making ends meet. I can’t believe that Tre’s book money is keeping them afloat. So no income at least for the next year. No idiot is going to buy that house at the price it is at. My guess is that people are just waiting for the price to go way down just because they will have to sell it. SO where is the money they live on. Where does it all come from. Filomena walked away from her home due to the fact that she mortgaged it to the hilt. SOmeone help me understand that these people can live like they live. The smartest thing they could do is to sit those kids down and explain that life as they know it is going to change dramatically. Please don’t ask for expensive toys, clothing etc. Im sure the kids are going to get a big surprise when their father walks them into the prison visitation room to sit and visit with Tre and they cannot even sit in her lap while they are there.
        Im sorry I wrote so much and it may be a bit confusing but I just don’t get it. Im sure the publisher of her books to has seen profits decline they might decide to drop her and then what would they do.

          1. What a stupid idiotic thing to say Renee…. No I have NEVER broken the law, I pay my taxes and pay my bills every month. I did it alone with 4 children after their father passes away 18 years ago. Im not hateful at all I said I was perplexed at how these people survive and asked where their money comes from. THis is a forum for OPINIONS your EGO is so huge you feel like you can just throw crap at people. Guess what no one is listening. Tre has her little crazy minions who follow her and feel sorry for her well guess what if you had it happen to you you would not feel the same way. By the way it did affect you. They don’t pay taxes GUESS WHAT You pay higher taxes. THey don’t pay department store bills, GUESS WHAT DUMMY you and I are going to pay higher prices. YOu obviously don’t own a home and don’t support yourself because if you did you would be furious that these people have gotten away with this for years and years and years. Quoting one of my favorite housewives
            “Go back to the cabinet you came out of”!

            1. I absolutely agree with you Melodie this is a forum to state your opinions. I am positive if anyone on this blog sight was a victim of Tre/Joe’s they would see things differently. You are for sure NOT jealous of lying, thieving, manipulating, blaming others, psychopaths, pieces of shit like the Giudices.

        1. I wonder how a lot of these people who commit fraud and essentially steal like that get away without having to repay their victims too. It seems so unfair.

        1. Teresa can say anything she wants to anyone. The issue is until she steps up admits what she did (especially to her children) is honest with everyone and herself, she will NEVER become a better person. Her last resort was to try to sue her attorney because HE failed to list items on their bankruptcy form. REALLY!!!!!! SHE and that Disgusting excuse for a husband have to say they did it and ask for forgiveness. Apologize to the personal businesses that lost everything because they were not paid back. So as far as Im concerned she still blames everyone else except herself and that Troll. She will never be tired of the drama because she lives for it and as long as there are people out there who will listen to her BS she will stay on TV and continue to make a mockery of motherhood. Shame on you Teresa and Troll shame on you.

  5. Spell check messed up. I meant: Hopefully she “sends” some message about doing the time for her crimes…though too little and too cushy…She got lucky there too.

  6. There are many children living for 15 months without a parent – parents serving in the military to protect our country. I feel sorry for them and not Teresa or her children. Some of the extended family may be better equipped at parenthood than a narcissist like Tre and her troll of a husband.

    1. GREAT point Aunt Bee- those are the kind of kids we should really have sympathy for. At least their parents are doing nobel and valiant things for our country. And You can bet your bottom ( unstolen) dollar that THOSE kids are not living luxurious lives getting designer clothes and $5000 birthday parties.

  7. There’s no hope for Joe and Teresa to understand what they did wrong and that they deserve this punishment. I wish at least their kids would learn with this sentence about the law of cause and effect.

  8. I think joe’s mother has several properties. Some people get loans on a property. They then mortgage the property more than once. Then they tell the bank they can no longer make the payment, and the bank takes the property back. Which is not so bad an ideal for the owner. They recieve all the money from loans on a particular property, and then the bank takes the property. It’s a way to get funds from banks and not have to pay it all back. it’s a scam. I’m not saying that the Guidice’s do this of course, but they might.

      1. Nope she will do at least 80% that judge is no way going to allow her to get out within 3 months. She is charged with federal crimes. If it was a state thing maybe but the feds don’t play games…

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