Teresa Giudice Praises Trump Family

There have been many different views on our current President, Donald Trump. RHONJ star Teresa Giudice has nothing but nice things to say about Donald and his whole family. As you may remember, Teresa appeared on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Teresa wrote about it in her new book Standing Strong:

“When I was on Celebrity Apprentice, all I have to say is, [the Trumps] were an amazing family. They have great family values, and that’s it. That’s what I have to say.” Teresa added that she sent the Trumps a congratulatory email after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. “They’re a wonderful family,” she reiterated.

Teresa knows the family personally and even said in her new book that Ivanka Trump personally called her and offered her condolences when Teresa was sentenced to prison. Teresa has also attended several of Eric Trump’s charity events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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32 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Praises Trump Family”

  1. I think it is political. It seems all the millionaires in NJ…at least the ones I know of…are Trump supporters. NJ is a very wealthy state. It also is known for the TV show, The Sopranos. I live here and have all of my life. Either way, NJ always goes Democratic in presidential elections, and it did yet again. Trump did not waste time here trying to get votes either. He went to the swing states and the ones that made a difference, and it paid off, for him, his relatives and most of all, his ego. I am not one to talk politics either, and this past election, for the first time in my life, I did not vote at all. Yes, I know that is terrible, but I was physically ill by all of it.
    As for the Giudices, they are criminals, no matter how little jail time they have nor how little they pay back of the millions they owed all of us, especially the tax paying citizens of this state. This is my opinion. Please refrain from attacks on me. I will only block the ones who make me a target. I already have.

  2. Ha! Hear that Donny Drumpf? A convicted felon with the IQ of a jar of pickled eggs thinks you’re a swell guy with family values. Birds of a feather.

  3. It looks like she wanted to say only what she personally knew about them from being on the Celebrity Apprentice. If she had said ANYTHING political, this board would have many, many bitter, nasty, hateful posts. It would have had little if anything to do with her actual political views, it would be some viewers opinion of her I.Q. or her criminal activity, which she already did her time for. She also paid the money back that she was required to, with her own money that she made after her prison term with her book sales, and her appearances etc. I will never understand who it is she is supposed to pay more money to, as she paid all the money she was obligated to by court order. Maybe the constant commentary about the money would stop if she went to the actual homes of the people who Jo supposedly didn’t pay, or whoever it is that allegedly wasn’t paid. I am pretty sure she isn’t allowed to do so however. Jo hasn’t paid any of the money he owes yet, but I am sure he will also be required to once he is released.
    It’s a shame that she has done every single thing she was required to do and still won’t ever, in the minds and hearts of some folks, be forgiven. Apparently because she hasn’t gotten on her knees and admitted what they think she should, and begged for forgiveness from the public. Going to jail for 11 1/2 months is pretty much an admission, IMO. If she had blamed it all on Jo, as she had the opportunity to do, she wouldn’t have spent any time in prison. But, she took her share of the blame, by what she did, not by what she said. I wouldn’t have gotten on my knees either, first & foremost for the sake of my children, and because the many people who have no ability to forgive would still NEVER allow her forgiveness & would have most definitely kicked her while she was down there. I have a feeling she has spoken at length to the children of hers who are old enough to understand what it is she did wrong.

    1. Good one! I wonder how much she contributed to his political campaign too. It is quite likely that she already did ask…Just my opinion.

    2. That would be a very stupid move on Trump’s part. What does he have to gain other than criticism and how could he possibly justify such a move?

  4. Nice to see someone with the courage to say how they really feel in this hideously hateful political environment. Especially saying it on Bravo.

  5. HA! See if Trump doesn’t send your hubby back to Italy 1st before you go praising him.
    It sounds like she rehearsed every thing he said.

    1. She’s a name dropper. I’m Tre and I hung with the POTUS. So…who cares? I seriously doubt the Trumps have anything to do with the Giudices on a personal level. I also doubt Ivanka called Tre to say sorry you’re going to prison. Would like to see Ivanka confirm that.

  6. When? Never. She is beyond learning anything new except a yoga move. She is not a deep person. She is as shallow & vapid as they come. Maybe nicer now but still not all that bright.

  7. Maybe she thought the millions came from getting her Associates degree from crappy Berkeley College in Newark. She’s a fake plastic lemon.

  8. It’s nice to see one of the alumni from Celebrity Apprentice give Donald Trump his due. It’s a free country, and we’re free to vote for whomever we choose, but what I can’t tolerate is when some of these Reality TV fame ho’s betray/stab the man who gave them the only break they will ever experience on mainstream television. Yes Brandi, Kenya, NeNe, and Starr … I’m talking about you.

      1. Oh thank you. Those are my dogs. King Cornelius (Corny) my sweet pitty mix & Pagliacco (Pal)my Jack Russell. They are my furry precious babies!

          1. Great? haha, Incredible! I cook real meat for them & put in on top of the best most nutritious kibble twice daily. They each have 2 beds but sleep with us most of the time. Corny has a mountain of toys, he loves stuffed dolls his fave being Kitty Lou his stuffed cat. Pal gets brushed daily to keep him looking dapper cuz he’s very scruffy. Both get copious amounts of love from me & my family. The pitty is in training to be more social with others (making progress too) & the little guy is 11 and we have built a step up to our bed so he can get up there with ease without hurting himself. I’m over the moon over these 2 rescues though. They are my family. Thank you for noticing

              1. Aww thank you. I wish I could afford & had room for 2 more at least. I do have a cat too. Also pretty spoiled. But you do what you can do.

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