Teresa Giudice Plans To Sue Former Manager Wendy Feldman Over Tell-All Book


A new report claims RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is planning to sue her former crisis manager Wendy Feldman after Feldman announced her plans to write a tell-all book earlier this week.

“Teresa is absolutely disgusted that Wendy is seeking to profit off of her legal problems,” an insider reveals. “According to Teresa, Wendy signed a non-disclosure agreement which would prohibit her from writing” about Giudice.

“Letters will be sent to Wendy and the publisher, stating the book is a violation of Teresa’s privacy,” the source told RadarOnline. “If Teresa needs to file a lawsuit against Wendy and anyone else associated with this book, she will.”

“Teresa has already had lawyers send legal correspondence to Wendy reminding her not to discuss the case publicly,” the insider adds. “Wendy can write about whatever she wants; it just can’t include anything about Teresa or Joe. Teresa feels that Wendy used her to get publicity and doesn’t want to be associated with her in any capacity.”

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12 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Plans To Sue Former Manager Wendy Feldman Over Tell-All Book”

  1. Wonder where teresa is getting all this money?
    Lawsuit against attorney she is suing whom she claims misrepresented her against reporting all assets;
    Lawsuit against attorney for misdirecting her about agreeing to plea deal.
    Fighting civil lawsuits from vendors they haven’t paid back which wasn’t included in bankruptcy filings (bankruptcy dismissed–they have to pay)
    Attorney if she is going through divorce proceedings.


    1. Oh yeah…she will probably find attorney to fight Bravo about suing Bravo or any housewife–including Jill Zarin for finding Wendy Feldman for her in the first place.

    2. Hey Egg, maybe the money REALLY is in the wine cellar or in the trap door in Teresa’s closet as reported in yesterday’s (fake) story!!

  2. Of course she does – I am sure she will be suing as many people as she can. Hello T – the book is not all about you! the world is not all about you! Sure is funny that you had no problem writing in your cookbooks about your family and friends but – when the shoe is on the other foot – hmmmm. Go serve your time and move on in a quiet manner.

  3. I am not a Teresa fan but I do believe this Wendy person is just another fame whore.
    Regarding the FALSE story about the hidden treasures. That famous quote “where there is smoke etc…..” Maybe the person who was the “inside source” knows something and was hoping the Feds would follow up with a search – just a thought OMG.

    1. Aunt Bee- all kidding aside, I agree, I actually think in Wendy Teresa has met her match in low-life scumminess. They are two peas in a pod- neither of them have scruples nor integrity- which is why BOTH of them are convicted felons. And why I have zero sympathy if Wendy writes about Teresa, or if Teresa sues Wendy. It’s like watching two poisonous snakes battle.

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