Joe Giudice Planning a Romantic New Year’s Eve With Teresa


A new year and new beginnings are almost upon us as 2016 is just around the corner. Though times have been tough for Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice, the couple plans to have a romantic weekend to celebrate the new year together, a source tells Radar Online.

“They are planning on doing something just the two of them for New Years. The kids will either stay with their friends or family. Teresa has talked about going on a warm tropical holiday for months, but she won’t be able to do it until her house arrest is finished in February. And Joe could be in prison by then.”

Joe will serve a 41 month prison sentence and is set to turn himself in by April. The source revealed that he is planning a last hoorah for him and Teresa before he leaves.

“So for New Year’s Joe is planning something very intimate,” the source said. “Think candles, couple’s massages, and lots of alone time. They are both looking forward to it.”

Teresa will be released from prison this week on December 23rd.

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10 Replies to “Joe Giudice Planning a Romantic New Year’s Eve With Teresa”

  1. Can you believe these two felons….. a get away somewhere tropical…… Are they kidding? House arrest mean house arrest, RIght? How about working and paying off the 11 million dollars that they owe. So stupid. Joe is an idiot. I would not want to be away from my kids after not being with them for 11 months. 1st thing he is going to do is tell the kids they will have a babysitter!!!! this is crazy!!!

  2. This is such a lad of rubbish, Radar yet again and sources! No one knows what they are planning! I’m not getting into any debates about this today just stating MY opinion and that’s it!

    1. Of course I agree with you Sally 🙂 I just saw a story on ROL from months ago that Khloe Kardashian was preggers….doesn’t look preggers to me. It also seems like every time ROL prints that this HW or that HW won’t be returning those housewives show up on the season opener with a peach, an apple, etc.

      1. I know it’s so frustrating, plus a lot of these NJ stories come from Real Mr Housewife to Radar and we know who is in there! Absolute rubbish that Teresa would leave her girls as soon as she comes out!

  3. Gross, all I will say about this because I can’t stand anything NJ how about just spending time as a family together and maybe start paying of your financial debt instead of taking lavish trips this is why most fans have left them. I can’t talk anymore about these people

  4. I agree dear Sally. Even if she is allowed to leave her home to travel, why would she want to??? This is a load of junk….I cant even imagine the joy this family is going to feel with Theresa coming home right at Christmas! I wish them all a very Merry Christmas and hoping for a new path for them both.

    1. Lovely lovely Lisa, it is a stupid story because she won’t be allowed and as we have both said she wouldn’t want to! Merry Merry Christmas xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. We should have much more anger as taxpayers at the rampant welfare abuse, food stamp fraud, Obamacare, open borders, violent crime, etc. A little perspective is a good thing..

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